Why the net reaper nerf for experimental?

Yes, this.
I don’t no, why they don’t try this.

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I’d have to smoke some pretty heavy doobies to think the reaper changes are a nerf, I don’t miss the speedboost or the reload at all.
Being able to shadowstep like a madman easily makes up for it,and being able to wraithform like a madman as well means that you can often get away with stacking the two if necessary.


Are you kidding? It’s a massive buff to be able to flank and have 100% escape rate.


the changes were made in the first place to make finally viable Shadow Step one if not the most useless ability in all the game usefull only for move around being noticed with Reaper that talks when done, also some use Wraith not for escape but rather for a tactical reload for example when they avoid Hook or Flashbang, without the reload now Reaper is more vulnerable and this makes him also a hero that should be aggressive in the first place to get value for do something a lot less dangerous.

Wraith helps Shadow to not s*ck now with the only change to not be destroyed in the head being invulnerable to Cc during that, don’t get me wrong is nice.

The problem is that now Reaper needs Shadow Step now more than ever in this exp being is new and only way for escape a difficult situation, after all right now he is like years and years ago with Wraith, there’s a reason that they buffed it in the first place, to help him in his role of Assassin flanker rather than the one of THE tankbuster role that unlucky for him he is no more.

P.S specially now less tankbuster more than ever without the reload, only shotguns he has and nothing else.

As i writed in some post earlier they just need to change some numbers, the changes were good but too severe for a hero that some people forget does not give anything to his team, with no utility and too situational, the hard truth for my main :ghost: :pensive:

The the dependency they created that Shadowstep now has on Wraith-Form is a no good for me.

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Exactly, a Reaper use Wraith for be invulnerable while in Shadow Step, 3 seconds of a slow edgy boy that can’t reload, needs to calculate the Shadow very very fast because if he does not do it fast enough at the end is the same, why?

Simple, if someone combined this two but is slow at the end as the live game he teleports and they shoot him in the head or they Cc him to death if Wraith expires.
Shadow has 1.5 cast time, it means that Reaper needs a precision more than when he falls off the map saving himself with Shadow :joy:

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You can now use shadowstep to be aggressive. Sure, it’s not a speedboost for chasing, instead it gets you in so chasing isn’t necessary in the first place. (And with the bonkers cooldown it can also get you out sometimes)
You can also still use wraith to avoid hook/flashbang/etc, and probably ALSO use it to escape just 4 seconds later. I’ll happily give up a free reload for that, even the speedboost too, for that matter.


Because the tanks have been changed into wet paper bags that hit about as hard as Spongebob???

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This would be fair enough if Reaper was broken, but people forgets that he does not need any kind of nerfs, one example is the nerf of the damage of his shotguns from 140 to 120, did that helped him? no

Why someone should take a Reaper that does 120 of damage from 2 meters cutted in half by armor when there’s Hanzo that does 125 or a Widow that does 120 in the body from the other side of the map or even Torb that does 125 also?

Before nerfing a hero for having some buffs they should ask to themself these 4 questions

Is this hero broken?

Does this hero give something to his team about utility?

This hero needs compensation nerfs?

Is this hero played a lot or nobody cares about him?

Answer for all these questions is a big NO about Reaper, hard truth :man_shrugging:

Well, this is our argument, experimental Reaper feels like a buff to me personally.

I’m curious what elo you play at, btw, I’m pretty average on a good day, so it’s possible that my enemies are just blind (plus lower tank damage going around), and that’s why I’m getting away with even some pretty silly shadow steps. I do realize that perhaps sharper players would shut my playstyle down, but my experience has been that I’m having a blast compared to live Reaper.

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I feel like you’re really underselling the power of short cooldowns. It’s true that Wraith Form feels a bit sluggish, but you can basically spam it now, and its newfound synergy with Shadowstep can make up for the difference in speed.

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Yes, but what does wraith form offer now. There is no speed bonus to using it and (to a lesser importance) no reload. So its not as useful/ is more limited in scope. shadow step still has a long use time and is only a positioning tool. So lowered the cool down on intangibility and a maneuvering step is great, but the use for one is now reduced drastically while the other is still extremely situational and telegraphed.

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it is a net buff not a nerf.

i can’t count how many times i wanted to harass back line but i’m still waiting those 3-4 seconds to shadowstep in the back again.

Wraith should’ve never had a reload it is a stupid concept that we got use to it. His ult should reload as he’s literally pulling out new shotguns when he does it.

I do agree that hte new speed is too slow and should be a little faster.

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Wraith adds what it always does, phasing through damage and disengage. You can also combine it with shadowstep and get a free get out of jail free card (though this might be a glitch and not intended to stop all damage.

… you can’t disengage with wraith unless you use the telegraphed shadow step. If we applied your logic to other heroes, genji should only be able to use deflect to deflect alot if he is dashing or tracer’s dash when blinking for it to be viable to use

Not going to lie, being able to dash and deflect before and after sounds pretty rad.

Experimental reaper may not be able to reload or speed boost, but his significantly reduced cooldowns and added slipperiness gives him a much needed edge that is sorely missing from his kit.

If you play near your team you can. I have a few times.

Also if you disengaging with wraith/ss you can get back into a flank position sooner as SS is on 5 second cooldown. That is an overall buff

That is extremely situational though (not the teamplay but the flank repositioning post fight). The long cast time and sound makes it extremely easy to pick off enemy reapers who try to use it as a flanking tool. Im not talking about my experiences as reaper as I only have 3 hours on experimental for him (I have been able to use it as such in situational circumstances), just that the cooldown buffs are not worth the utility nerf to wraith form

No I would say it is a net buff because you can use shadow step and wraith at the same time.

In fact, I would say such a mechanic is a little bit broken because now you can wraith TP onto hanzo or widow.

You don’t keep wraith post tp. The casting has invuln but not when you reappear