D.Va is getting nerfed because Echo is too strong


Call Mech

  • Damage area reduced from 3 to 2.5 meters
  • No longer builds ultimate charge while using Self Destruct until after her mech detonates

Developer Comments: No longer building ultimate charge in the window of time between using Self Destruct and when it detonates is targeted at Echo’s Duplicate ability when copying D.Va. Echo’s accelerated ultimate charge enabled her to have Call Mech available before the Self Destruct explosion went off, making it very difficult for enemies to find a safe place to hide.


this was actually needed, the radius was too big

they could’ve honestly just reduced the time in duplication instead of nerfing this part of d.va


Well, it is a very very small nerf.
It could (and maybe should) be much worse.


Thank god they’re nerfing that thing


Terrible nerf. She’s not broken, Echo is.


It doesn’t even affect Dva at all

It’s literally impossible for her to generate call mech before she’s given it for free upon activation of her self-destruct. It only affects Echo.


The range needed a nerf. I’m glad they didn’t touch the damage.

And for D.Va, why would building ult while her mech is exploding matter? She’s going to have it back in a moment anyway, and wouldn’t any sooner.

These changes are fine imo.


Character gets nerfed boohoo what else is new

While it is annoying a hero gets nerfed because another hero has a problem it’s nothing new. It’s just like Zarya’s Grav got nerfed because Hanzo’s dragon was too strong with it.

The nerf to the radius is fine, but the second nerf is barely going to effect dva. You literally get you mech back after you explode it anyway, and baby dva doesn’t fly around and isn’t exactly mobile like echo so she tended to never get her call mech back before the bomb went off.


Ahhh right I forgot that :woman_facepalming:t2: haven’t played D.va in a bit lol

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The second change doesn’t affect her at all.


That’s actually not true.

You can charge Call Mech in 3 seconds while waiting for it takes 4 - and that’s not taking any kind of damage boost into consideration.

I once got it back nearly instantly while shooting a discorded Hog and being damage boosted by Mercy.

It might not be relevant in many situations, but it is not “literally” impossible.


not sure how you guys will live without this now. What a nerf to dva


Considering the things they did to her in the past I am pretty sure D.Va players are doing just fine.

I just found it funny that Echo is a problem and D.Va gets the nerf bat for it :joy:

This especially doesn’t bode well with me with 5v5 on the horizon.
If they “super buff” Tanks Echo will become even more of a problem, so they either have to go back on that (which would be terrible for Tanks), or remove Echos ability to copy Tanks (which would be terrible for Echo).

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I am not even mad but this is some nonsense right there. If echo is the problem, go nerf her instead.


In a practical sense the ult charge need does not affect D.Va. The only way for her to get Call Mech before her bomb goes off is to boop a full health tank off a ledge such that she gets the kill credit after launching her mech.

The smaller radius is needed, as that OWL triple kill showed how it could have a bit of a silly range.

The only other thing I would like to see changed about it would be to get a red/blue graphic on the landing spot that clearly shows the threat zone.

But according to the devs that wasn’t the reason for the nerf at all.

They specifically said that it is a nerf targeted at Echo - which is the part that I find very problematic.


Out of 300hrs on dva, I’ve yet to actually get call mech before my bomb has exploded.

It might be possible in very specific circumstances but the chances of that happening are so, so slim that it has zero effect on dva’s current playstyle.

You will still be playing around getting call mech charge to full only after your bomb explodes. You will never be expecting to be able to call down mech before nerf has exploded.

It is a good change that makes echo’s dva bombing spree not so absurd.


I personally believe that all ultimate damage dealt by duplicate Dva should be reduced by 50%

This is a good change though