Doomfist Bug Report: We've Had Enough of the 40+ Bugs

I’ll probably call blizzard support and ask them why or we can keep bumping this hoping they see it and add it to the PTR.

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Blizzard clearly doesn’t care about Doomfist, or the people who actually like to play him. They’ll go ahead and create entirely new characters, but they won’t spend the effort to fix a character that has been out for over a year now.

Very frustrating plz fix

I rely on my punch a lot and I guess since I hold it down before it’s ready it for some reason completely takes my punch away and it goes on cooldown again? Is anyone having this bug too? It doesn’t always happen though.

not all of it is a bugs, but solid post, well done.

Hi all,

Our developers reviewed the video and here are their comments for valuable insight.


Bugs 1, 2, 3
Still working on getting the new shatter technology validated. If it succeeds, we’ll proceed to implement these updates for Doomfist.

Bug 4
This is a result of Zarya’s Graviton Surge grabbing you for a very brief amount of time at the end of her ultimate. This ultimate canceled the Slam but ended before it could pull you in the trap.

Bug 5
This appears to be a client-side misprediction. The client perceived the Doomfist Slam from far above as valid, but the server-side disagreed. Ultimately, this caused that strange experience.

Points 6, 8
If a directed Slam is unable to reach the target due to a variety of reasons (i.e. obstructions from the map), it will now transition to a falling Slam, rather than cancelling outright. Most of the cases (as shown in the video) are caused due to retaining a little momentum when Slam is activated. This may cause you to drift out of the direct path of the target you’re trying to reach. We’d like to improve this!

Points 7, 14
As noted by the video’s creator, activating Slam in the frame when you are no longer sufficiently high off the ground can cause this. We understand it is a frustrating experience and we’ll investigate improving it.

Bug 9

The cancellation of the ability is intended, however, the visual Slam of his fist in the air is an animation bug.

Points 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, and 16 are bugs. These are on our list to fix.


Point 1
This Moira footage is very helpful. If you have footage of it happening to Reaper when he activates Wraith Form or Tracer when she activates Recall would be most helpful!

Point 2
That Mercy was quite fortunate. If you review that footage, you’ll see she was punched back through the small health pack, keeping her alive until you activated your Hand Cannon.

4 + Uppercut Bug #1
If you review the footage, the punch misses and the camera is rotated right from direction of travel. So, it looks like the enemy is in middle of screen, but in all actuality, you go by him. The Uppercut whiff presented in the video is a bug that was fixed in patch 1.30!

Point 8
Overall, this should be improved as of the 1.26 patch. Nonetheless, we appreciate the footage that illustrates and assists us in identifying factors leading to these rare cases.

Point 10
This is hard to reproduce, but the game likely saw Doomfist as colliding with the wall (a map obstruction) to the right. This was at enough angle to stop Doomfist entirely. Since there was no wall in front of him, there’s no wall impact effect visible to make it clear what happened in that scenario.

Points 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 are bugs. These are on our list to fix.


Points 2, 3
This experience should be improved with the latest update.

Bug 4
This is a bug and on our radar.


Point 1
Climbing over walls in the regular camera view is intended, though it does need improvements to consistency.

Bug 2
This is a bug and on our radar.

Point 3
This should generally be resolved. However, please post any new videos if you run into this issue again, this will help us identify factors that lead to these rare cases.

Point 4
This is not a bug, Meteor Strike doe not let you move through walls, including Mei’s ice wall.


Point 1
The damage can be done after death, but you can’t gain shields after death. Dying mid-Slam doesn’t remove the damage area.


Point 1
Some causes of this should be fixed, we’re still working on reproducing some of the rarer cases.

Point 2
This was a client-side misprediction due to dropped packets/latency (as noted by the symbol on left).

Point 3

The Seismic Slam should now be able to go through the teleporter

Bug 4
This is a bug and on our radar.

Bug 5
This is related to the #1 Slam bug. This should now be fixed for Reinhardt, but we’re currently working on fixing for Doomfist.

This video was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to record this footage and share it with us. :+1:


Tom, always on fire :fire:


If the same vid will come out for sombra, can you break them down?

Finally Tom. Thank you. I’ve been waiting a reply for so long you don’t understand.

Tom will it be possible to not patch the diag punch? The punch where it goes diagonally in the air if you punch at a object at a certain height / angle? It gives doomfist more choice of doing rollouts and it increases his skill cap by a lot. You guys kinda already nerfed his slam distance can diag punch please not be fixed? It is a advanced ability :frowning:


Tom please take into consideration to not remove the punch that makes you go diagonally into the air. Please.


Hello, i would like to know why the ability to pull enemies in on Doomfist’s Seismic slam removed as a whole?

So this is the change i’m talking about…


  • Targets no longer lose air control while being pulled in

I read the patch notes and the developers comment on his changes but there’s absolute 0 mention of why they removed that part of his kit.

Developer Comments Doomfist’s high mobility allows him to engage and disengage from extremely long range. Decreasing the range of the targeted aerial version of Seismic Slam requires him to get closer before engaging an enemy and makes it slightly harder for him to escape from combat. The loss of air control on Rising Uppercut was a frustrating mechanic for players, but it allowed Doomfist to set up combos. We’ve found a decent middle ground by limiting the amount of time Doomfist has to line up his next move. The Meteor Strike changes will make it harder to secure easy eliminations on heroes without mobility abilities, such as Zenyatta or Ana, while still preserving its maximum potential damage when aimed well or when combined with other abilities such as Graviton Surge or Sleep Dart.

I am trying to understand why this was removed such a small thing but much needed on his seismic slam to pull enemies in so you could combo it in his Uppercut ability.

Now after this patch if you hit someone from the farthest point of his seismic slam there’s no way your uppercut can reach cause they just walk further backwards also the animation is too slow. this wasn’t a problem before.

It’s inconsistent.

The only reason i can think of why it was removed was due the lose of air control for the enemy but compared to Wrecking balls Piledriver’s lose of air control ability it wasn’t that extreme. Besides that i never heard a complaint about the lose of air control on his seismic slam, only on his uppercut ability which is fine by me that they removed it.

In a match of chaos its makes it hard to track and follow up on the one’s you’ve hit… Guessing if the enemy you’ve slammed will be hit by your uppercut because they can move really fast out of it is not fun. It’s even worse if the enemy has a lucio because of the speed ability.

Also soldier can now run straight out of it, doesn’t matter if he had bad positioning he just runs through your slam before you can react with uppercut, before you could punish his bad positioning making him a bit more stationary when you hit him with slam, a good soldier would’ve run before you landed the slam but now even a bad soldier can just run away after you landed the slam.

One more thing i like to mention is that the uppercut and slam are really buggy because enemies sometimes get a Superjump when you hit them with the slam at the same time they use jump, now if you actually land the uppercut while they were in the superjump they get an even higher push upwards to the point they basically go flying across the point. There is no way you could have predicted that and would be impossible to follow up on it.

I and the /r/doomfistmains community would really appreciate if this effect of Seismic slam could be reverted to its state where it pulled the enemies in for more consistent combo’s.

Thanks, hope to hear a respond!.


When is Seismic slam’s pull effect going to be reinstated?


these posts are the best. like,um no…that’s how it’s supposed to work. deal wit it.

but for all the flack given about dev feedback, it’s awesome you guys address legitimate complaints directly, such as bugs and such, thank you so much!


Are u guys going to fixed this meteor strike bug? The center ring is smaller, but the patch notes says that it was buffed.


Thanks for the post!

Two things thing I want to ask are about the latest patch.

Seismic slam appears to have no pulling effect at all. The patch notes said no more loss of air control so I assume this is a bug.

The second is meteor strike. The inner circle’s sizes seems to have been decreased the opposite of what the patch notes say. These are from when it was on PTR, but here is a comparison:


Small indie company.

It has already been mentioned, but seeing how it was mentioned on ptr multiple times and still went through, I want to ask if you all have noticed the bug on doomfist’s ult,l where his inner circle was decreased even though it is claimed that it was increased. DrClan provided a nice picture above of this bug.

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Slow down the video and look at Tracer’s recall icon

Stun gets canceled on Wall Impact for all characters. It’s not exclusive to Reaper/Moira/Tracer

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Only Blizz would nerf a midtier hero into F tier whilst not even fixing at least half of his bugs


This info is amazing but are we just gonna gloss over the fact that you found a way to multibox?