⚔ Doomfish's Ideas Vs BTC's For Shadestep

Talking about at the point before the change.

Ah. And I guess you mean in terms of the DPS players. My b

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i’d say he’s mostly a frontliner that does small flanks and can confuse enemies with his positioning as he can swap positions in a choke or take an aggressive position where the enemy can’t see him, he could lurk if the enemy wasn’t so good at spotting him out.
i usually tend to call that ambushing or collapsing as he wait for people to pass his position and he pounces with his team but from a different angle.

but yeah he’s too clunky to try and exist in the enemies backline and wait for his team to engage while he waits for the engagement.

and i’m really not sure how reaper is going to legit be able to pull of succesful deathblossoms unless he just waits for everyone to use their cc or abuse enemies boops so they boop him into their own team by mistake.
just feels hard to pull that thing off against a coordinated team though.

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One thing I’ve found is that he’s not an initiator. If you initiate with reaper, you get pounced on and die. You take people when they’re distracted. Sometimes that means you wait for the enemy to come to you.

er…this was before the lifesteal buff. I haven’t had the opportunity to log on in a while.

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Thank you for giving us your opinion!
I saw a post on Reddit that described changing his tele to resemble Doomfist’s Meteor Strike placement, minus the damage, with a strict timer and still vulnerable before and after the tele, but not during the transition, I’d like that change a lot, to be able to get to places that are out of the line of sight of the enemy would work wonders in 2 CP maps where the enemy team is hunkered down.

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Just use Death blossom to Attack and Reload at the same time. You want to mostly be shoving that shotgun in people crit boxes. If your fast enough, it does a better job then your Ult.

exactly, that’s why it’s so silly, a reaper can counter another reaper by just shooting them in the face while they deathblossoms. i use deathblossom to just be sure that i kill of certain squishys as his spread is really awful against those if he’s not 3 meters or closer as deathblossom does guaranteed 170dps with 8 meters of range.

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Well looks like I am gonna focus my attention elsewhere for a bit, OC finally posted something that I was waiting for: 🛰 Finally OC talks about upcoming Changes (explains the beam Buff)

I find deathblossom to be the finisher type of ability. Expecting to take a hero from 200 to 0 with it is not wise. 100 to 0 is definitely doable.

yeah, i mean he hasn’t really changed that much from before, he’s just better at staying in a fight and brawl now with the lifesteal change and the wraithform change.
he could still do the old wait and pounce and wraith out but that was kind of a hit or miss, while now he can rush in with the tanks and self-sustain himself better.

something i find pretty effective is holding a corner, if they try to push that corner and my team is there i just push back and now they are afraid of pushing that corner so i switch position with shadowstep to the other side so they can’t see me changing position so they expect me to be in one place but i’m not there but i’m in the opposite side and usually that means i get to be behind them and take them by surprise or they try to bypass the choke by running the other way of the choke right into my shotguns where they didn’t expect me and i can pick someone off and wraith back to my team.

but something i allways tend to miss sometimes is that when people go high and take high ground you can actually go under them and wait like a bridge troll until they jump down and pounce on them when they do.

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Welp disappointing he didn’t mention the Shadestep stuff at all in the vid Today…

Gonna focus eating a watermelon

Just copy my ideas from my post on the same matter. I think this idea is pretty obvious for Reaper because I’ve got it for some time now and didn’t see this post. But I think it should NOT be applied to Sym because of the teleporter potential. The simplest team coordination will allow Sym to safely TP the whole team at the ideal spot for flanking and possibly even returning GOATS. This just makes Sym OP and must pick.

The Shadow Step ability was designed to help the Reaper to get into enemy back lines but now it only works as it designed only in certain scenarios and generally does not help the Reaper to be where he needs. The main problems is the line of sight. Most of the time to get into the desired position using the shadow step the Reaper should expose himself in the open.

Why not to change the Shadow Step targeting to something similar to the Doomfist’s Meteor Strike top view target selection this should give him the potential to engage into the battle from any direction. Shadow Step behind the corner near enemy line and go reaping.

To balance this new Shadow Step the Reaper should remain vulnerable while selecting the target location and while casting unlike the Doomfist. The more loud casting sound plus some visuals to show the teleport direction at the casting location and timings should give the heroes like Tracer enough time to kill him or at least spot the direction and notify the team if he was not too cautious. The ability potential could be further balanced by changing the casting time, timeouts, recharge time and so on. It may also be need to decrease his life steal. It is also required to hide enemies from the top view so the Reaper should be aware of where he teleports.

Dude… Mine is 5 hours old and yours is a hour… Just Stop. (plus this is not the first time I have talked about this.) 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

Why not just make it’s cast time of a second and give him 20% damage reduction.

Cause he would still be gunned down