Do YOU want Bastion buffed?

I’m asking this, because I’ve seen a lot of people ask for a Bastion buff (even though he as the highest DPS in game) why?

I am not a frequent Bastion player myself, but I’ve died a thousand times to him in every kind of scenario, and I just… don’t see why he needs a buff.

He needs a nerf. He has the biggest health pool compared to the other Damage heroes, and excels at doing damage. Can one shot anyone below 250hp.

Edit: We’ve been discussing this issue, and it seems that; I judged wrong. I just didn’t see Bastion the way people that ACTUALLY play him do.


Welp, I am done for today forums. Nerfing the trashiest Hero in game.


Because he’s a huge target and he does that damage by rendering himself completely immobile.

That said, tweaks wont fix what is fundamentally a broken character. Bastion can only ever be broken or worthless.


It’s just that I don’t see how a “buff” would fit him.

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i saw someone suggesting a rework where bastion becomes a tank on reddit


Bastion just… Cannot oneshot… Anyone
And that’s just to begin with.

So… you haven’t tried playing him?
You kinda have to play the hero, to completely understand it’s weaknesses…
How many times have you Died As Bastion? :thinking::thinking:

You… might should have a look at this:
[Bastion's real damage output (kinda)]

Oh… and if you are still looking for MY Reply to the original question…
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)]
[🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)]

It’s pretty obvious that i’m a Casual player, and couldn’t care less about this hero/s


Bastion rarely sees any type of play in high ranks, because in his highest form of DPS output, he’s immobile… something you don’t want to be in this game as you become an easy target.


Counter proposal, now here me out on this, how about we buff the weakest hero in the game instead?


Nerf Bastion what a meme lol


Doesn’t matter if he can’t hit 90% of his bullets. High dps doesn’t mean he’s good.


You saw my other comment? Unsee it.

What I meant is that I do not understand how he would get a buff without being extremely overpowered

Today, we have seen a New thread, suggesting that Bastion is deserving of a nerf.

Today, i lost faith in humanity.


How do you sleep at night? There’s a ton of support for him for a reason, because he needs a buff.

No he can’t what are you talking about? Do you mean tankmode? Because that’s an ultimate with a slow projectile and rather small hitbox.

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People think they want him buffed. They have no idea the wrath of hell he will bring in a stronger position. Imagine a bastion meta lol. How annoying that would be?

I still think he’s the most underrated hero in the game and can single handingly carry a game easy if they enemy cant figure him out.


sigh this is the thousandth time I’ve said this but just because you’ve given up doesn’t mean I have to. I do not believe you when you say this because that is my opinion. He can be balanced and people just need to stop saying “he can’t be balanced” because that’s a self fulfilling prophecy. You will see all iterations as broken or not because you want to see it that way.


Finally someone sees what I’m trying to get to.

It’s not all or nothing… it’s not TRASH Or META.

It’s the difference between playing soldier, and having a chance at winning the round… and playing bastion… thrusting your team into a 5v6 most of the time.

I didn’t see the other one before you deleted it.

How do you buff him, with caution(You should check out the Bastion megathread if you want to see some ideas) but there is no question as to whether we buff him or not.

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The most popular idea is to revert sentry. That’s it.


And you have massive spread for no reason at all so you have high damage and can’t hit a thing.