Do YOU want Bastion buffed?

I don’t think I want him buffed I do want him buffed.

I’m imagining people blowing it out of proportion like they do with everything Bastion related.

Depends on how it works but will you stop this? This is another thing I’ve said a thousand times, we don’t want him meta, we want him not F tier.


There are 2 megathreads now because the original is just about at the post cap.


I think the biggest buff Bastion needs is that (most) players just need to change their mindset and give Bastion (and other off-meta heroes) a chance to be included and not focus on what’s meta. Bastion is decent with team comps IF other team mates work with them.

From a player that welcomes Bastions… :sparkling_heart:

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I’m aware something like Hanzo’s “buff” would happen. Blizzard would also overbuff Bastion and force him on the meta.

Yea… there’s a chance of this.

OR… They might could read some feedback, and learn from it.

This, exactly this.
The only reason I came here to read it is because I am a terrible person, and I personally find it extremely funny to watch someone make a fool of themselves.

Bastion is WEAK. Bastions immobility makes him quite TRASH, and outside of that sentry mode his kit is pretty BAD. His sentry form requires teamwork to cause his undoing, or you can capitalize on his position and being unable to move, and you use a corner so that you can see and hit the edge of his hitbox, while he is COMPLETELY unable to see you, or send a reinhardt at him from a close corner angle and desentry him and crush his puny robo-body.

He is exploitable and therefore bad. He doesn’t need nerfs, he needs buffs to his mobility at the very least.

Hah, good one.

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And… you are helping to prove my point.


What’s meta is meta for a reason and just about every meta has countered Bastion. Dive? He can’t kill things fast enough because of the stupid nerf. Triple/quad tank especially the dive version? You still cannot kill anything fast enough. Grav+Dragon? If you have someone protecting you they will wipe everyone because they’re close together and if you don’t, Hanzo is super broken against Bastion and you can’t do anything about it.

I want him to work at all, not to be meta. I’ve done him a ton and have had a lot of experience on him and it’s always the same every time, even after changing my play-style he just has too many counters. Not regular counters, but ultra hard counters. The “switch counters”.

That’s not him being viable that’s 5 other people doing all the jobs he should be able to do for himself like not getting instakilled.


I think that Bastion players just want him to be a little more balanced and more viable. From what i know, Bastion have had a rework which turned him from borderline OP to a glass cannon. Yes, i used the term “glass cannon” and people who have used Bastion for any respectable amount of time knows what i mean.

I have decimated opponents as Bastion and got creamed by others as a Bastion. Truth be told, if i wanted to run Pirate Ship, i would much rather use Torb than Bastion and that goes for Defense as well.

I guess that balance is the goal.

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Yeah, I didn’t want to direct them at the first one for that reason, plus all the ideas are in the 2nd one.

Or they could actually listen to us and do what we’ve wanted this entire time and not break him. Every change that we suggested that went through was completely balanced and just about perfect, that’d be the 25 ammo and more accuracy in recon and the ability to heal while moving and being hurt. Where it failed was the mistake that is ironclad. They came up with it and it failed hard. Imagine if they hadn’t done that. Nothing, that’s what. He wouldn’t have been meta but he wouldn’t be trash.

Nope. That title goes to Reaper and Hanzo. They are both tied at 560 DPS. Reaper with all headshots (which is just as reasonable as Bastion hitting all of his bullets for his 450 DPS), and Hanzo with 4 headshots during Storm Arrows.

In tank mode, yes. It’s an ultimate… Tracer can one shot anyone below 300 HP.

Play him. Either he is as OP as you say, and you’ll climb, or he’s really weak, and you’ll figure out his weaknesses. Spoiler, it’s the second one.


Bastion was already A Glass cannon.

The rework Removed Bastion’s damage/area denial potential, and left him with ten times the weaknesses… Since if you get close, now he can’t even defend himself.

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One issue is they took away half the cannon (no headshots) and even more when your spread starts missing and gave him about 75 effective health. Now he’s just a plastic squirt gun because squirt guns have abysmal range.

Aww man… And i was half way through the pain and torture…
Now i’ll never get to die to the third Roadhog in a row.

I mean, technically he has to shoot them roughly around 30-60 times to kill a target…

But being a smart a#$ aside, Bastion is easily counterable by many things in the game.

You know Torbs turret, right? Same HP, unable to move, just like Bastion in turret form. Another thing they have in common is how incredibly fickle they are when they get jumped, even with Ironclad. Even with all that damage, Bastion can’t kill everything. By the time hes done shredding through a Rein barrier, Winston Barrier, or even a Orisa Barrier, they would have done enough damage to him to kill him off.

Bastion can and will never be good unless he gets his own form of self protection that negates damage, enough damage that allows him to dish it out in return. He should never have to rely, scratch that no hero should rely on another to be viable.


It’s not like we’ll change anyone’s minds…

Since NO ONE Is willing to Actually Play Bastion.

so… Bastion is OP, but they’ll never play Bastion, coz he’s stupidly easily killed?


Well, it’s more of converting him from a glass cannon to a steel reinforced concrete pea shooter, and then from there to a plastic pea shooter. They gave him 35% Ironclad which made him nearly unkillable, and adjusted his damage accordingly, but then nerfed his Ironclad to 20%, and didn’t adjust his damage accordingly…

As a Bastion main, I feel that his turret form doesn’t need headshots; I believe it just needs some tweaks to his spread, as well as maybe a dose of damage reduction whilst healing (like Roadhog when he uses Take A Breather). Beyond that, maybe a little more Ironclad in turret form?

The thing is is that I don’t want Bastion to get to the point where everyone hates him or everyone uses him to cheese to victory (like Hanzo and Brigitte this season). I want my special bot to be one of the roster again, and not be a cheap trick for Junkertown payload pushes. He’s more than a pirate ship cannon, darnit! He can move quickly and dominate when he needs to now, but he just needs a little push in the right direction!

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