Dear forum guys. Enjoy hog changes

You did hog worst then he stay before. Hope you all happy now.


I’m not happy. Sorry for your loss, OP.

Maybe they could try giving him a version of the 132-Hog cloud now.


Btw all experiments its just joke. Idk maybe no all saw, but one patch they published before lab end. Then they delete thread on forum with changes. And its patch perfetcly show lab changes. Then lab end and they again publish this XXD

I didn’t ask for them to add shotgun changes that would inadvertently nerf him, though. I only wanted a revert from the most recent changes. No one asked for his damage to be buffed, so we wanted it reverted. Not…this. No one asked for this, either. lol.



As if any of us asked for his damage to be buffed


No one wanted Hog buffed. It’s just another revert.



But its big mistake from me.

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cant say i had any problems with hog. the only times i died i was in a bad position and deserved to be punished. are people complaining about the pickrate? well yeah but double shields in every game was fine then?

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It isn’t a revert, though.

They reverted his damage, sure - but they also added shotgun changes that indirectly nerfed him, and they also left him with one less bullet in his gun.


Who care its revert or no? You even dont need say truth or proofs for take support. Dont like hero? just lie on forum for kil him. Its tactic people like this

Okay, good. He’s the most braindead Tank in the game. He shouldn’t be able to dominate all elo’s.


All elo=bronze too=now show proofs hog op in bronze. We all waiting

Someone claimed it was a revert and I was letting them know it wasn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Hog just got Sombra’d or should it be he got Symetra’d? IDK but they really need to stop with the whole, “Giving random buffs but then nerfing hero to be worse than before” thing. It’s starting to get really old. Just admit the change didn’t work out and revert it.


I would have preferred him to be in his old state, with an actual revert. He was punishable but not overbearing.

By no means am I dismissing how busted he was prior to this nerf. It was actually asinine. He was balanced before with a slight inconsistency.

However, I can’t say I think this is healthy, either. He’s actually an incredibly huge liability where he is now. A revert would have made more sense…not all of this lol.

If you will say hog no op people will ask proofs or just call you troll. But if you say hog op you dont neeed shoow proofs. Forum logic. and this guy now just leave this thread or call our trolls/toxic. Ofc he will no say im wrong hog no op in bronze.

It’s confirmation bias. People will accept anything that agrees with their opinion, but will not do that for any ideas that goes against their opinion.

I would refrain from making assumptions outside of their own words. I’m not going to assume what they will/would say, only what they have said.

Like this guy lie EVERY him message. no one asked hog buff? srsly? XD like no one?

But its fine because people on forum no care about logic proofs or truth.

Yeah im understand why they do this and how its work. But its just sad.

i mean, we can say the exact same thing about mercy or ana

Ana and Mercy don’t dominate all elo’s. Hog meta was all about enabling Hog.

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