DDOS attacks are real, and Blizzard isn't doing anything about it

So, after a recent game of mine, one of my teammates on support, who we were 6 stacking with, left the game midmatch, which was weird, because they never said anything toxic beforehand.

They rejoined the game several times, and kept leaving.

After the game, we sent messages over Xbox Live to the enemy team, and they labeled that one of their DPS had ddosed our support to in order to win the game, which they were losing until then.

This is a clear DDOS attack, and Blizzard knows this is an issue, but have refused to do anything about it, claiming that it is an issue with Microsoft and Peer-To-Peer, when this is an obvious lie, because this problem doesn’t exist on any other game.

Wyoming, one of the top moderators of the Overwatch Forums even tried to assist people on similar threads that complained about this. But after being unable to come up with an excuse for Blizzard being unable to protect their players, they quickly locked the thread after multiple people pointed out the hypocrisy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens here.

Blizzard will not take action on this issue, because they do not care. Blizzard is not the company we used to know, and the forum managers are just Blizzard’s puppets to spout lies. Do not let them fool you.


Just to be clear, WyomingMyst is not a moderator. They’re a forum MVP. They don’t work for Blizzard.


you know how people ddos right? you get invited to a party chat, you can’t access your ip just in the game, its literally got nothing to do with overwatch


DDOSing on console is more of the console’s problem, not Blizzard.


Blame consoles for using direct IP and Peer to Peer protocols for party and friend chat.

You can easily sniff out the IP of other people in party chat once you’re in Peer to Peer connection in party chat.

This has nothing to do with Blizzard.

This is just poor implementation of applications using insecure network protocols done by consoles.


i love when people accuse blizzard of lying when they dont know what theyre talking about


Do people actually understand what DDOS attacks are and understand the problem is that it’s very difficult to actually stop them?

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It is pretty easy, they can only DDOS you if they know your IP address.

DDOSed your support to win a match.
Damn, they’re evolving.

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Well, DDOS cheating has been around for a good while now.
It is more prevalent on Consoles than it is on PC for some reasons.

#1 Wyoming has no power to lock threads and is only just certified as a reliable source by Blizzard

#2 can you link this thread?


If Microsoft actually stop being lazy and did something about this. Like start going after websites that carry people ISP. Blizzard could do something about it somewhat in general but they definitely ain’t the only core issue here.

I know, but this particular brand of OW shenanigans is a new one on me.

I haven’t seen one on PC for years now.

And I certainly have no saying in how frequent it is on console because I only saw it on an old PS4 Tracer streamer where the DDOSer actively announced who he was going to DDOS.

That video was too old for me to dig through though.

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This is a console issue (primarily Xbox) and has nothing to do with Blizzard. It is out of their control.

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They could try to raise it to Microsoft though.

But yeah, the power is still in Microsoft.

You used to see it a lot in Trials on Destiny if you smoked the enemy team, it started to get kind of bad in Red Dead Online if you got the best of a posse of griefers, that sort of thing.
This right here, what amounts to a surgical strike to take out an enemy supp in order to win an OW match, that sounds pretty next level compared to what you usually hear.

Yeah but I’m not sure if any action would be taken. Unfortunately

That seems about right. idk how xbox live works but fi it is a microsoft maintained feature not related to the game the attacker can just get your ip from it and spam you with request to make your connection lag.

Hey everyone, looks like you all decided to invoke me so here I am. Here is everything I know about the Xbox DDoSing issue and why it is a problem only related to Xbox and really has nothing to do with Overwatch. This problem has been known to affect multiple games (not just Overwatch). It is related to the system party chat feature which is a peer-to-peer service which is why your IP address can be exposed. Blizzard Technical Support Representative Drakuloth has posted full details which I will copy here:

Hey all,

I wanted to take some time here to talk about what a DDoS attack is and is not, since there seems to be some misunderstanding here in this thread. I’m also going to provide some general tips to help with connection issues. This is going to be a somewhat long post because there are a few inaccurate things in this topic that I need to correct, so bear with me. I want to make sure I’m helping you all avoid making your IPs vulnerable to anybody who might do this sort of thing. Hopefully it helps anybody reading understand this all a bit better.

What is a Denial of Service attack and how does it work?

So let’s start with what a Denial of Service attack is. A Denial of Service attack happens when a person or organization floods a specific router with a bunch of requests by targeting its IP address. The router eventually becomes overwhelmed, resulting in connection issues for anybody who needs to use that router as long as the router is under attack. A Denial of Service attack is only a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attack if it targets a router that affects many thousands of users. The fact that it targets a major internet router somewhere is what makes the attack “Distributed.” In the rare event that one of you are actually suffering a Denial of Service attack specifically, that is not a Distributed attack, it’s just a DoS attack. While mostly semantics, I thought that might be good to know for your personal information.

So they need my IP to do a Denial of Service Attack. How do they get it?

Without going into the actual process by which this is done (I don’t want to encourage any more people to do this, because it’s illegal), it starts by having a Peer to Peer connection with another person. I’m bringing this up specifically because it is impossible for someone to get your IP address from within Overwatch. We do not use any Peer to Peer connectivity in Overwatch - as both your game connections and Vivox go through our centralized servers.

Currently, some Party Chat on Xbox Live goes through Peer to Peer, but this is a problem that Microsoft is currently working on . Because Peer to Peer connections do not occur within Overwatch, your best chance at avoiding such an attack is to never join an Xbox Party Chat Request from someone you do not trust. If you only use Overwatch in game chat to communicate, you will not have your IP exposed, since all traffic goes through a centralized server.

I may have exposed my IP address and I think I’m being attacked. What do I do?

Please note that there is nothing that we can do to help you with a Denial of Service attack, because we have no control over your IP address. Similarly, if you are disconnecting from the game for any reason, we do not remove leaver penalties . If you’re regularly disconnecting, you need to troubleshoot the disconnections , and if you think you’re disconnecting due to a DoS attack, that means reaching out to your Internet Service Provider.

Since a DoS attack requires your IP address, the easiest way to fix it is to contact your ISP and ask them to change your IP address. Once they do this, the attacks should stop (unless you join a Peer to Peer service with someone and expose your IP address again.) With that in mind, if you continue to disconnect after changing your IP address, you were not experiencing a DoS attack. You’d want to do normal connection troubleshooting instead.

I hope this covers a bit about the situation and how you can avoid being DoSed, or fix situations where you’re in a position to be DoSed. Note that beyond providing this information, there’s nothing else we can do as support. If you run into any other issues, however, feel free to create a new topic about them.