DDOS attacks are real, and Blizzard isn't doing anything about it

I mean why ddos a player on PC when you can just hack yourself to absurd levels? :man_shrugging:

Take this up with console makers then because its really only their fault for even allowing it to happen. Blizz can’t really prevent it unless you want to lose access to OW on your console.

That’s because on PC it’s impossible to get someone’s IP address to send them a ddos attack. Everything goes through Blizzard servers, so there’s no peer to peer even with their voice chat servers.

well just block the messages you get strangers so no one can DDos you , and don’t join xbox vc’s from the enemy team , those their ways to get your IP

Ok, because of the infrastructure and design of OW, DDOS attacks are uncommon. They’re more something that happens in peer to peer games. Client server games are less susceptible.

However, even if they were occurring, Blizzard couldn’t possibly do anything about them. They’re something that occurs on a fundamental network level above the game. It’s like if someone sent a goon over to unplug your router - it’s nothing to do with the game specifically, and nothing Blizzard could do would provide any solution to that. It’s fundamentally outside of their responsibilities to solve. The only thing they can do is make a client-server architecture and hide player IPs from each other and they did that.

DDoS and DoS differ by number of attacking computers. Simple DoS has just one computer - one of attacker - targeting victim’s router.

But DDoS has multiple attacking computers, that via virus or other means are made into attackers as well.

It’s possible to defend yourself against DoS, if your internet connection is stronger, than one of attacker. But DDoS attack can flood even connection of datacenter, which is multiple GBit/s.

Many beginner “hackers” try to DoS some major internet points, but they don’t succeed, as those points usually have serious protection measures.

As for Peer-to-Peer system being responsible - not exactly. If your console or PC were behind NAT, your real IP address isn’t visible, only shared address used by multiple people is, so attacking only you is problematic. But if your connection is direct(has “white” IP address), then yes, your real IP address is visible online and can be read.

OP description looks less than DoS and more like specifically targeting whatever ports Overwatch uses. Technically, if someone creates false “disconnect” pocket and sends it to server with IP address of victim, server cancels connection of victim.

Unfortunately, there is not much Blizzard can do against it - encryption would make game slower and increase ping.

Been a while since I’ve seen someone so completely wrong.

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Blizzard has no control or ability to do anything about you being DDoSed. It doesn’t even go though their network. This is 100% on your ISP. You contact your ISP. If there is a real DDoS happening to you they can see it and will try to stop it, trace it and maybe contact the proper law enforcement.

That or they just went full rage cheat and start raining down rockets at full auto from the heavens like a rabid and caffeinated weasel.

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That’s the thing - it’s not DDoS, so they won’t do anything about it.

Basically, if there are no lags before disconnect, it’s not DDoS type of attack, and ISP can’t even detect it.

Then they should send that message over to xbox support.

I am sure, that we won’t get proper answer from them or from Blizzard, but…does Overwatch server check, that disconnect request with certain IP address was actually sent from that IP address?

There is certain type of attack(think it’s called “spoofing”), that involves sending commands, as if they come from target of attack. Which can cause disconnects for seemingly no reason, as server “believes”, that you pressed “disconnect” button. While in reality, different PC created disconnect request, but put your IP address as “return” address.

I’m frustrated about a lot of what Blizzard is doing these days, but DDOS attacks (if accurate) isn’t even in their domain.

That’s not how the Internet works. It would always be the players IP that disconnects. Trust me when I say Blizzard can’t do anything about this.

Wyoming cant lock threads lul

It how it supposed to be in norm. However, using some software, you can create network pocket with literally any IP address. Of course, for that you need to know, which IP address player you wish to disconnect from server uses.

I worked in an ISP NOC for 20 years. If some router on the internet still allows this then its VERY old or really out of date. IP spoofing isn’t possible like it use to be.

Did your ISP check for attacks from inside your network?

When router sends data further, it only checks destination IP address, which in this case is IP address of the server, so it’s correct. But server already checks return IP address, to know, which player was sending the data.

Though yes, it’s no longer possible to make your router stuck by using invalid destination IP - in the past it could make router spam network with data, that simply can’t be delivered, in attempt to deliver it.

What do you mean? Our router wouldn’t let any data packets out of our network from IPs that didn’t belong to our network for one. Also our upstream backbone provider routers did a check with all data to and from our router to verify it was from our network. So if someone on our network attempted to pretend they were from an IP that didn’t belong to our /19 CIDR then the packets would just be dropped at the routers.

DDoSing now is just flood an IP using botnets till the IP disconnects.

Good to know. Sometimes check of return IP is dropped for performance reasons - I mean, how would you send data from inside network, if you aren’t connected to it.

DDoSing is just too “dirty” type of attack. It makes a lot of noise on network.