Cross play now has aim assist for console players

Edit: They said “Except in Competitive” but that wasn’t enabled before anyway.


There is no pc-console cross play in competitive


Oh yeah, that’s right. All good then!


honestly this is good ik pc players hate aim assist but in casual i don’t see the problem. i have dreaded playing with my mates because i have hundreds of hours with sun assist and when it takes taken away it’s almost like a pc players mouse pad vein gb taken away


Wasn’t aim assist only off when playing with PC friends anyway? It felt like it was on for me when playing quick play and there were PC players, although OW2 aim has felt weirdly ‘muddy’ I guess?? It was definitely off when I joined my PC friend’s lobby though, so I just played Rein with them. Regardless, I’m personally glad for the change. Can play with my friends properly now.

For PC, there is no aim assist. For consoles, there is aim assist, and most console players are playing “cross play” with the other consoles. Previously, console players in a console/PC mixed group had their aim assist taken away. Now they get to keep it.

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They should still enable mouse input for console players to go to PC queue and play MNK

Excited about this because I have some friends I want to play with but they always had a really terrible time because I am on pc and they are on console. We can all just play and have fun now. :slight_smile:


It’s one of the good things to come out of this patch. That and Mei returning.


Another step towards every game being completely dominated by aim assist :roll_eyes:

Id much prefer input based matchmaking.


This is a trash change because PC players can’t opt-out from crossplay. If they are turning this on they should turn off required crossplay. Why should console players have aim assist while the PC players do not? More importantly, console players can still use a mouse and keyboard so they can have aim assist and m/k anyway.

If your going to add this, allow us to turn off crossplay matchmaking. Some players just want to play quickplay, I do not want to hear the argument that “well its not in comp so its okay, so go play comp”. I dont want to play comp for various reasons. If your not allowing it in comp, then obviously you feel it is not balanced for that game mode, dont force us to have that imbalance in other areas of play.

I understand that console players have a harder time aiming, and aim assist may be required for some players on console to play the game and have fun. Im not opposed to that, but allow PC players to choose to be in lobbys with that information in mind.

Allow us to choose if we want to have longer queue times.


Heh it’s no coincidence. Epic games did the exact same thing where if u plaid on mouse n keyboard and u engaged anyone on console at low to mid range u get melted. It’s the same concept behind removing the pump shotgun in fortnite. The company simply doesn’t want a console player to get melted the first few games they play and frustratingly move onto another title. On average most new players are on console and more often than not probably relatively young. And also the most likely to purchase a battle pass/misc item or skin,etc. Hence the pay to dress that was rolled out with ow2. Come to think of it logically all these points also coincide quite nicely with why the mouse aim is completely twice removed from how it used to feel or albeit at least relatively decent in terms of input lag and such on an acceptable measure. It’s all a welcome back bonus handicap bonus for mouse n keyboard to even the playing field vs console players especially since this is now cross platform as is fortnite. It doesn’t make fiscal sense to run 2x as many game servers to keep the two separated in the same sense that it doesn’t make sense to make the game unemployable for console players despite someone playing on a pc rig spending $3000 or more for their gaming setup in comparison to dumping a few hundreds of dollars and plugging ur x box into ur tv. Welcome to Microsoft ingenuity.

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And one more thing. Unfortunately the acquisition also comes with the guaranteed derivative drivel and distraction so some of these things go unnoticed. Like the impossibility of actually earning a skin without paying/playing for 50 hours… take a gander at how much u have to walk if u happen to die in order to get back into the combat zone on a new map vs an old one. Ur literally walking for over a minute when that alone defeats the purpose of the game to begin with.

i could only play moira with my pc friends before lmao

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Then PC players deserve a choice whether or not to be in these crossplay pools too. You can’t tell me console players who spend HOURS a day, some of them all day, playing Overwatch just can’t play well because they use a controller.
You don’t get to CHOOSE to participate in the PC pools, then complain you should have an advantage over the other players. Now that they have it they’re already downplaying it in the forums and social media “iTs NoT EvEn ThaT GoOd”… then why do they WANT it SO BAD… because they know they can jump into PC pools as DPS and start wrecking games with it now and laughing the whole way telling everyone else to “git gud” while the game gets their kills for them.

This is one of the stupidest things to hit OW2… if they get a choice to opt in or out, then PC players should get a choice to opt in or out too, especially with this nonsense.


You are associating aim assist with “can’t play well” and that’s wrong. It’s just the nature of the input device. Controllers are less precise than a mouse.


Great isn’t it? Should have been like that from the beginning, but Blizzard likes to cater to unreasonable degenerate PC players that think aim-assist is aim-bot.

Enjoy it!

As you can see, even in this thread, the “PC Master Race” wants to oppress lmao.

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I’ve been saying the EXACT opposite. I’ve been saying there are plenty of console players that play perfectly fine against PC players and you don’t even realize they are on console until you look at the end.
Except now they are being given not ONLY the choice of which player pool they want to be in, but an advantage. It is their CHOICE to play in the PC pool, and yet they complain.
So PC players deserve the CHOICE as well, if we’re going to start giving them advantages that many of them don’t actually need, in games they aren’t forced to be in.

You can’t place all players on either side into the same skill, talent, or time you’re able to play baskets.

Interesting that just wanting the same option as someone else is “oppression” to you. I can’t imagine how you must view real life lol.

So why do you think aim assist even exists if controllers are completely equal to mice?