Confirmed: Sigma nerf/Sombra buff on PTR

Yea, just wondering if it’s indeed a bug… or are they intentionally changing their own ruleset to artifically change doubleshield meta because people don’t like it.

Thats what we’re speculating. Kind of an bandaid fix.

Forcing people to play a niche char like sombra isn’t going to work lol.

And sombra’s purpose is more than a weaksauce, meta problem solver.

No, what this would result in people stop playing Sigma because hes easily countered and we go back to Orisa Hog.
Sombra still not played and Sigma players mad.


I think at the least his rockets should do extra barrier damage it would be a much needed buff

Confirming this is an intended change for 1.40.


Well, i dont agree with this change, but i dont want to sound ungrateful.


Thanks for clearing that up, sounds good to me.

Thread blowing up in 3… 2… 1…


Is it a big of a change anyway?

And I oop


What, really? Orisa’s shield should be cancelled by Hack as well, then, if we’re keeping things fair.


If you don’t mind the knee-jerk feedback, this sounds kinda strange. I’m not a massive fan of counter-intuitive interactions, since Orisa’s barrier doesn’t follow the same rules, despite being very similar.

Nevertheless, the change should be allowed to be tested, but please keep an eye on this one.


It’d make hack a monstrous ability, but actually I prefer having a Sombra denying barriers than having barrierwatch.

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But why? No other deployable works that way? Why give her a nonsensical buff that doesn’t address how bad Sombra feels to play now. Yes her use will increase but for the wrong reasons.

We don’t need the tank role even less popular.


I wonder if we’re going to see other changes too. Test time!

What Sigma nerf? :tea:

I wouldn’t mind doing this with Junkrat and Pharah too. Especially with Junkrat who works around traps and mines. 130x5 grenades ain’t gonna take down a rein shield and let alone 2-3 shields at best. Also, Pharah is in a tough spot with splash damage not that good.

I don’t think I’ll mind, although I’m hoping Sombra gets even more buffs.

I play both so i guess it’s kind of inconsequential for me