My god they actually buffed sombra


As I’m a console pleb i wouldn’t know. If a pc player could answer i would appreciate it

I can’t heal through stupid ~WildPants


It does the same thing to Rein when she hacks him so this isn’t really a huge deal. It should of been like this on release of Creepy Music humming dirty old Man Sigma


Source? I haven’t seen a patch for PTR but wouldn’t be the first time I miss one.


Anyways, it’s a lazy buff/change.

One hero interaction different from everything else that will force one hero counters is just lazy

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I’ll bet it’s a bug and will be reverted :disappointed:


Apparently it wasn’t included in the patch notes and people have only just now noticed it.

It really astounds me as to how they can fail to provide accurate changelogs on the server that literally only exists to test the changes they make.

Back On-Topic: Sigma’s probably a little overtuned and god knows Sombra needs something, but I don’t like this change. It feels too specific and isn’t consistent with how Hack works with every other deployable.


Scratch that! Yay! It’s a start!

Team Sombra!


nope, confirmed change

it’s not really a huge buff tbh but hey anything that helps I guess


it’s a great change but it puts some inconsistencies to hack


To that ability? NEVER D:


Does Sigma barrier stay up after he dies?


No it’s just how it interacts with infinitly set upable things I:E syms tele/torbs turret it’s just got me wondering


No, because his barrier is not the same as Winston’s nor Orisa’s barrier, despite what the majority of the forums seem to think.


I know right. Rules are out of the door for Sombra. Everything is fair game with the developers. I’ll take the buff, but where’s the logic here?


Remember everyone crying about double barrier, before spamming that sombra is broken


I mean lazy fix is lazy


What is inconsistent is Sombra not being able to hack Winston/Orisa Barrier, or Enemy Sombra Translocator, or Sym Turrets (not that you would hack these last two instead of destroying them).


This. Seriously. U.u


Orisa barrier, like Winston’s, once deployed, is independent of Orisa. So hacking Orisa should not affect her deployed barrier.
But Sombra should be able to hack the deployed barrier.


It would be awesome if hacked turrets would switch sides for 6sec :rofl: