Confirmed: Sigma nerf/Sombra buff on PTR

Apparently hack cancels Sigma barrier on the PTR, but its not part of the patchnotes and could just as well be a bug.

That would be a change which would make sense in a sense to “fix” the double barrier meta, but i dont like it as it just adds another tank Sombra is very good against which enforces the Orisa pick further and doesnt make Sombra overall better.

Sigma players will complain and Sombra players only profit from this if the enemy runs Sigma.

Edit: Actually now confirmed to be intentional.


Do it.



Yea… that would be an insanely hard counter. Going that route on a basic ability is a bad idea. I really think buffing Soldier to do 1.5x damage to barriers or something would be much healthier for the game


who would win

1 shieldy boi not having fun because of sombra or 261276262 shooty bois not having fun because of 2 shieldy bois


I would be surprised if this isn’t a bug and they did something this heavy-handed… otoh, it is a key press ability…


Mh i hope its a bug tbh would be a dumm buff for her just adding another counter…


Balance aside, I’m inclined to think this is a bug. No other deployable does this when Sombra hacks the owner as far as I’m aware.


hahahaha it would be so stupid

but yea it would not surprise me at this point. it’s like every new patch they come out with they brainstorm how to progressively make the game less and less fun to play without just straight up murdering it in one fell swoop


Well it stands to question if SIgmas barrier is actually a deployable, because other deployables cant be retreived.


I think if they want to do something like this they should put a small generator on the back of the shield which you need to hack sepretly from sigma but I don’t even like that just don’t do it blizz

That would be a really bad excuse to not nerf Sigma head on.
We already have too much of “Just go Sombra 4head” comments in response to actual balance issues.


That’s one heck of a bug. I’d assume that you actually need to add conditionals for a hack interaction, code/variables like that don’t pop up by themselves. Maybe they accidentally copy pasted code from their internal test server? A very big copy paste.

And no, this is not a good idea. It doesn’t actually help Sombras gameplay.

I just take everything which didnt show up in the patch notes as intentional with a grain of salt.

The problem is that its forcing sombra, the 21235453456 shooty bois should be enabled not because someone can pick sombra but because the mechanics of the game allow them to. Not allowing to move the barrier or shattering it to 0 with emp should be more than enough hard countering from one hero imo. Maybe disabling shield reg when hacked.

Are there even patchnotes? Haven’t seen anything new.

None as far as i know.

i mean it follows the same “logic”, or level of counter, as it does with rein tho. considering those two barriers regenerate when not in use and don’t have hard cooldowns. im not really surprised bout this but how much this affects sigma idk. like at choke points, sigma might still be able to hold them considering his aoe attacks can be used for area denial to a degree

but yeah i mean sigma’s shield is also considered a deployable so that’s new for hack


As far as I know, sigma’s shield is a deployable. So hack shouldn’t do that.


Well kind of but not really.
You usually lose all kind of control over deployable once you throw them out. Sigma can retreive his barrier and set it up again.

Its like a hybrid between Reins and Orisa barrier.


Right, but it doesn’t require constant action to keep up like rein’s. Since it’s deployed out (I think one of sigma’s lines for it is “deploying the barrier” iirc) and kept there, I’d say it’s an inconsistency.

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