🛑 STOP - No more Sombra hard-countering heroes

I’m tired of being the character that makes everyone feel like switching and being the character that everyone hates to play against (right after Doomfist)
I want this hero to have its own place in the game beyond ‘oh she shuts down this one thing, let’s play her until they switch’

I’m tired of being the aspirin to your Doomfist/Sigma/Wreckingball/Lucio headache

After the nerfs all Sombra is good for is farm EMP which was stated not the direction that was wanted for her.

She’s the most useless “DPS” (hardly does damage in a consistent way) in this 2-2-2 setup and now you want to include YET ANOTHER interaction for people to hate her and for her to be a 1 trick pony? (Sombra shutting down Sigma’s shield when hacked)

Instead of balancing Sigma? Instead of changing her kit’s direction to compete with other DPS?

This feels like Brigitte all over again…


Brig was actually good and meta dominant. Sombra is just garbage and now they give her a bandaid fix instead of giving her a proper buff to make her viable in general.

If people stop playing Sigma because of this then shes just as garbage as before.


Except this"fix" wont fix anything. She’s barely even played now.

Sombra needs a rework along with df and a couple of other heroes.

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sombra counters doomfist thats all that matters

Dude, did you just say Sombra doesn’t do enough damage? Of course she doesn’t, she’s a utility DPS, if she had better damage, she would damn well counter everyone hard it would be absolute mayhem.


Lol, nice one

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Blizzard should just cut their losses
give her some healing ability and move her over to the support category where she could actually reasonably fight for a spot

At least then her low DPS would be reasonable
given that she would be a support and there would already be 2 other DPS on her team


That’s the point, she’s not a DPS, there’s barely any reason to use her and take that spot in 2-2-2 when you can get kills more reliably with every other hero in that category. I’m not asking they just buff her DPS, but that they retune her kit so she’s useful, learn to read, DUDE.

Her current place in 2-2-2 (if she has one) is countering certain abilities and building emp.

  • Countering certain abilities is why everyone hates her and why I’m starting to dislike playing as her - I’m tired of being the aspirin to your Doomfist/Sigma/Wreckingball/Lucio headache

  • EMP-bot is what she’s always been and what the Overwatch team claims in every interview and balance patch they don’t want her to be (which is why hacked healthpacks healing no longer give you ult charge)

If Sombra had more damage but less utility she’d be a better DPS and an option in 2-2-2, right now she’s just a distraction and bothersome, unless you’re playing with a stack of well coordinated friends or you’re part of OWL.

If she’s meant to be a hero exclusive to those situations, why is she even available in the game for the rest of us?

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I never said that you said to up her damage, you just said her damage is subpar, I just said she’s utility and if she had more DPS that would be a problem
no need to be toxic dude

I am not sure if i would call it bad if my shield get shut down/auto called back, when i am on sigma.
I think not able to call it back is worse.
It would get destroyed in no time.
And then i have to wait a lot longer to able to use it.

Well that’s fair, sorry, but I don’t want this thread to turn into a plea of “buff Sombra’s DPS”

Cause it’s not… I’m just tired of this hero being influenced by everything but the people that play her on a daily basis and have poured hours of practicing.

I hope you realise she would leave you helpless for 5 seconds, a few more if she casts EMP right after

I think every Sigma main would complain the same way Lucio and Doomfist mains complain


This is what happens, when Devs listen to the wrong people about game balance, because they are OWL or just stupid.

Statistically we Sombra mains are out numbered as the voice of reason and common sense.

As the old saying goes, “You can’t argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

Only if they would be far away from their orisa(shield), or they dont get a zarya bubble. So mostly only if you or others make positioning/resources mistakes. Or when EMP.


I think Sombra is still pretty viable and adore playing her!

Which won’t happen, do you know why?


Hack duration nerfed, it’s nearly statistically impossible to destroy sigma shield in 5 seconds.

Short of all 6 people shooting his shield during those 5 seconds. (Another statistical impossibility)

Even with the Buff suggestion I gave regarding Sombra increasing her damage vs shields and barriers to a large degree, it still takes about 10 seconds to destroy Sigma shield. (that’s doing 200DPS to sigma shield and including reloads)

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I was never a fan of having characters like hammond be so good at what they do, that the only way to counter them is with an over the top hero interaction. Like sombra -> hammond or mei -> hammond or sombra -> doomfist.

It’s almost like they created her and then said “Right, so now that we have this… we can basically do whatever we want, because she can just turn it off… right?”


600 hour sombra main, who doesn’t aim for headshots, looks like you are playing against Bronze, or Bots in your video.

I wish my videos looked so effortless.

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Thanks for the critique. :+1:t2:


Try to justify your Defense Sombra in competitive 2-2-2. You won’t be able to and your team will likely think you’re throwing or at least one person will leave after you don’t do at least 2 kills at the start of a match

She’s fine in Classic Quickplay - I also see in your clip that:

  • Enemy team lacked basic awareness
  • that Orisa gave 0 :poop: about her Mercy
  • Their mercy was a healbot, as she didnt even try to fight you
  • And for some reason that Widowmaker runs towards notifications of dead teamates for the healthpack instead of going back to spawn… or trying to headshot her attackers

I’m glad she’s viable where you are and in casual games, but the hero should be viable everywhere :slight_smile:



I see now why your video looks that way.

I apologize for not realizing it.

You are on console, so the game is vastly different in that regard.

Explains why the video appeared the way it did to me.

I would like to see you convert to PC and play Sombra.

I think you’ll be surprised at how bad she is compared to console.