Cole Cassidy….. I Love It!

It was a much larger base of VOTES than here on OF. No YouTube Channel content provider has a divide in mentality based upon who they are.

It was a very definitive VOTE that never was even attempted anyplace else that leaned heavily against changing McCree name.

So the point of renaming Mcree was to remove Blizzard’s employee names from characters so that the employees don’t tarnish the game and what it’s meant to be about.

Not only have you kept the Mcree name canon by saying he decided to change it, now a major part of his lore is still linked to the employee Mcree.

I didn’t agree with the name change but I understood why OW would want to. That said, doing it THIS way is terrible and you’re changing the name while not removing the employee’s name from the lore.

You are giving blizzard too much credit, they didnt put any thought into any of this, it was just a knee-jerk reaction on their part.

34% thought that renaming McCree was the RIGHT decision • 32k Votes

36% in other Survey thought Blizzard have done a Good Job in Balancing the Game • 27k Votes

Probably not me myself, I think it’s better to have the devs delivering those kinds of updates, but yes we’d like to get back to posting more consistent updates.


It’s completely understandable that it’s going to take some time to adjust to Cassidy’s new moniker.

Personally, I’ve actually had to stop myself from calling him Cassidy or Cole when playing my comp games on live lately. So if you heard a Tank start saying “Cas…erm…Cree” over VC in the last few weeks…

Edit: we will not be banning players for simply using the old name.


But then his initials wouldn’t be CC.

I guess there will be no new updated interaction / announcer voicelines available at the release of Cassidy’s new name? Will Echo still say “Cowboy” when cloning as example?


Echo now says “Duplicating Cassidy!” if I remember the updated VO correctly.


i’ve know about the outlaws butch cassidy and the sundance kid through movie culture and just hearing people talk about it. never even sat and watched a movie about him or read actual history so i just read the whole wikipedia page about butch cassidy and its pretty interesting. up to where they supposedly fled to south america and supposedly got into a gunfight with south american law enforcement and killed themselves.

its all just “speculation” since no one really knows but thats the outlaw fantasy about the whole thing. kind of like if billy the kid was shot by pat garret or they staged his death and he lived to be a old man sort of thing

Hope Blizzard won’t turn on their weird tolerance or what do they have nowdays (cringe) and won’t ban players for using McCree’s real name, not that W.I.T.C.H girl name…

Gosh… Cassidy… such a facepalm

At this point, I tend to think most history about the American Wild-West has become more story than history.


Ah cool! Can we expect some interaction added over the next months or is everything is reserved for the OW2 release? :smiley: I kinda liked all of the Cowboy interactions and it feels empty without them

Will the older interactions return with the name being updated? There were so many i loved especially the Orisa-McCree one

So, the McCree, I mean Cole Cassidy story-arc can come?

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still just going to use mcree. the name change was only for owl casters clout chasing on twitter and since the only people who watch owl are afk token farmers the change is pointless and dumb.

well its also in consideration of the employees who where victimized…
i think it makes sense even if it s a bit of a pitty…

In a ideal world i think the irl guy should be forced to change names… and maybe live under a bridge…

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Thank you for clarifying that. Also thanks for the activity in the forum!

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That was hilarious reading such. Commence to the uncontrollable laughter imagining such.

Y’all should just do it tbh :rofl:


This edit note should be pinned on the forums and every social media platform OW is a part of lol