CE-34878-0 on PS4 - ITS BACK

Thank both of you, that’s pretty helpful. I have an idea for what may be causing this now, and we’re sending that information to the developers. Question. If you restart just the game (not the whole console) after about every hour of gameplay, does that stop the crashes from happening, or do they still happen after 2 total hours played?

Just happened to me about 40 minutes in…it was at the beginning of POTG

i jsut wanted to put this is a quite common error on ps4 pro i often get it on gta some have pointed to flaws with in the ps4 vanilla os wasnt designed for ps4 pro hardware for me a temporary fix was replacing the junk factory hdd but the error did end up coming up again

I’m also experiencing these issues with my ps4 pro ever since the last patch. This previously didn’t happen, but anytime that I’m playing I get a disconnection error without any latency issues.

Yeah, it’s happening a lot. For me, mystery heroes…40 - 50 minutes in. Right before the game ends or during POTG. Happened twice tonight.

so the wierdest thing just happened.it just crashed really bad right now. I hit to search for a comp game and the screen like slowed down and no timer came up and i couldn’t access any menus. i also was still able to open up my player profile on the psn but not my career profile. so I closed the game and then it was stuck in loading screen with tracer. then i quit and restart again. it worked. i was just playing quick play just in case something happened and it crashed to blue screen. but the odd thing was the game didn’t close. i noticed it was still open so i opened it and the game was continuing but i had no control of my character and was kicked out of the game to this black screen. i was oddly able to still endorse the team but i couldn’t access anything else. i had a screenshot but it wouldn’t let me post it or a link to it

Here’s a video https://youtu.be/0u-XeZe1Rz0 showing the error crash a game. I wasn’t even 2 minutes into the game before it crashed. This happens frequently.


How long had you been playing the game before queuing into that match? Had you been playing overwatch in mystery heroes/other modes hopping into that match for a while, or was that your first match since launching the game? This looks like a custom game with mystery heroes rulesets. Do you crash as quickly during normal non-custom games?

Well I restarted game after an hours of gameplay and it crashed about 20-30 minutes after restart. Again it was just as the POTG was announced.

Yesterday it crashed while I was in a mystery heros match. Today my game crashed 3 times at potg within 2 hours of mystery heroes.

Ps4 pro with sshd hard drive and latest ps4 update.

Playing mystery heroes and it just crashed at the usual time after playing for an hour

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Hey everybody,

It looks like reports of this problem have dropped drastically. Is anyone still getting this exact error code with crashes on their PS4?


If you are, please fill out this information and let us know.

It happens on every single random character custom game. End of story. I’ve had it five times in the past hour.

Make that 9 times, not 5.

Yep, still getting this in Mystery Heroes right at the POTG announcement on PS4 Pro. 3 times within a couple of hours. I only started getting this with the latest update.

Anything? Anything at all?

My PS4 will crash mid game with error ce 34878. This has been extremely annoying. I noticed this started happening with the summer games update came out. This happens with all game modes eventually (quickplay, mystery heroes, comp etc). Is anyone else having this issue with overwatch, and what can I do? It only happens with overwatch, no other game. I’ve also tried all the recommendations to do when you get this error and nothing has worked which makes me think something with the summer games update corrupted my game.

Same here. Crashes about a second after POTG starts playing in Mystery Heroes. Last time this happened it was fixed in a patch but they never did say what was causing it. But also last time before Blizzard figured it out they told us to factory reset our PS4s. So yeah, don’t do that.

Oh also want to add that although the crash is most common on Mystery Heroes POTG it does also crash mid-game occasionally.