CE-34878-0 on PS4 - ITS BACK

Still no fix. Yeah, thanks for that update.

Hi this has been happening to me since the new update. It happens EVERY single time I’m in character select. It does not matter what game mode, it’s been happening in multiple. It’s not something that goes away. Any time I go to character select it crashes and I get this error. I’ve reported it multiple times and the article Sony posted is gone now. I even deleted the game and FULLY reinstalled and it’s still happening.

I have received this error thrice today during comp and always at the start of the game when it happens. I have lost SR and gotten timed ban. I DID NOTHING WRONG.
this is going to make me quit this game.

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I also have this error code. Five times in the last two nights, three times in the last hour.

Always at character select.

Got this twice today. Once during comp, after capping 3rd point on Havana.

Second time was after a Mystery Heroes game, just idling on the main select screen.

same here my dude got it twice, loss 50 sr for both and got banned and its not just happening to me its happening to a lot of people. ive been seeing people leave or dc their matches on comp matches

Yeah started for me after the most recent update…randomly happened at the beginning of a comp match reset my system and tried again happened again the next match at the beginning…looked it up tried the steps suggested and nothing has worked dont know what changed between the last patch and now but whatever it was is making it very hard to enjoy overwatch which is one of the only games I even play at this point and I’ve already lost over 70 or so SR from just the first couple times it happened please someone help me figure this out it’s driving me crazy

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I’m also on ps4 and I fell out of plat my sr is at 2300 , im also suffering a 20min ban. My game is updated literally updated my ps4 to the recent patch 7.02 and I’m still getting this stupid error. This is an overwatch issue! It takes too long to climb and I’m losing SR and being punished for crimes that aren’t even in my control. This is not fair to players especially those that play the right way. I’m 3 star diamond border I lost 200 sr easily between yesterday and this morning. It sucks for me because I’m addicted to comp and I’m scared to play now because of this crap . My psn is King_win_ner
Still dealing with this issue. I want my SR back prompto and I want all my flags on my account from this bug to be gone .

Also happening to me several times since 2 days when i’m entering in a competitive game on PS4. I did the PS4 update 7.02 and it’s still happening. fix it.

I Initialized my PS4 back to Factory defaults and reinstalled the game and just did the 7.02 update this morning. Still crashes. Always in character select. It’s definitely Overwatch side. I’ve done everything I can on my end.

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Just so I go into detail Devs. It doesn’t matter what mode I play . It still kicks you out. It happens more frequently in the beginning of the match during character selection. Sometimes if you are deep into the match and it kicks you sometimes you can return with no penalty however your team is at a disadvantage and w/e momentum you built is lost and more than likely turns to a lost for your team and you. You play comp at your own risk!

Jeff or Jeff … Someone say something please , it’s almost Christmas and you guys have the grinch on the servers robbing me of my SR! It’s the season of giving not taking😩

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Hey folks,

Edited with new information: It looks like there was another spike on this again. I’ve reached out to the developers and it looks like there was a problem with a hotfix we implemented a while ago. We reversed the update to prevent the crashes, so the thing causing this most recent spike should be gone now.

We appreciate you all reaching out to let us know about this.