CE-34878-0 on PS4 - ITS BACK

A while ago had this crashing all the time. Usually at the end of the map but after an update had disappeared.
ITS NOW BACK. Tried all the troubleshooting tips I was given the first time I had it, but still happens and ONLY on Overwatch. All other games are fine.
PS4 Pro.


It’s not. This is why it took Blizzard two months to fix it last time it was happening. Passing blame to PS4 and not looking into it until the boards were full of complaints. It’s convenient that nobody posts about this problem for months and then suddenly, several reports after an update. It happened to both myself and my friend tonight as we played Mystery Heroes. Why would both of our systems magically be screwed up at the exact same time, but every other game works great? Please listen to us and don’t let this go on for two months again before looking into the issue


Yup. This is NOT a Sony problem as it wouldn’t have been fixed with an OW update and come back the day it got updated again.
Just crashed twice in 3 games this afternoon.

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So I dont have to factory reset my ps4? This is literally the only game that does this and it happens exactly as described.

I wouldn’t. I mean, it’s always possible that it’s a legit issue with only your system, but this is an old bug that has decided to make its way back into the game. It generally happens 40 - 50 minutes in, towards the end of a game, right before the POTG sequence. If you search “CE-34878-0” in the forums, it’s last appearance was last September/October. I remember it, cause I replaced my PS4 HD to see if that would fix it. Nothing worked until they did a patch either on the game or the server side. I want to say it was the server side, but I could be wrong

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Happened to me last night. Error me out during a competitive game… -50sr and 10min ban. Happens to my friend much more frequently; he uses a PS4 pro.

This is totally unacceptable, started happening after this 25gb update

I’ve had it happen a couple times on and off the past couple of days and it’s annoying as all heck. Fortunately I’m not in comp and stuff when it happens and don’t get penalized for leaving a game, but it’s still completely annoying and makes me look bad for leaving a game, no matter what it is.

It’s happening to everyone but not everyone plays enough to notice it or reports it on these forums.

Happened to me and my friend again tonight

I can confirm this bug is back after last large patch. Similar to the issue last Sept\Oct. I also have a PS4 Pro. Happens when playing Mystery Heroes after 1 hr or so. Sometimes mid game, or before potg. Since it was already addressed once, please humor us and look into it. I assure you it is a bug with the game.


I have this same error when I’m on overtime, or when I switch characters at the second half of the game. I have lost 300 SR because of this. I am on a PS4 pro as well, PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS!!!

Hey all,

Just to confirm, do you only see this error while playing Mystery heroes? If not, what modes do you see it in?

Playstation also has an error guide for this problem. Do any of these steps help?

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Happened to me just now as I was playing my first placement match, also had some teammates d/c for my 2nd match

It kicks me out says I lost connection to the server, and wont let me back on until I re-connect to my wifi. It only happens with Overwatch. I play The Division for hours on end without any issue, but an hour or 2 into OW and I get d/c

Happens to me in every mode I’ve recently played — Mystery Heroes, QP, both death matches, it even happened when I was just in the training thing. Also, the link doesn’t work and takes me to an error page, but if it’s the initializing of the PS4 there’s no way most of us are going to do that because it involves wiping the system, more or less, and we’d essentially lose all our saves on every game currently played ( at least those without access to an external drive to back up all the data on ).

Mystery hero’s is where it happens to me, about once and hour I get disconnected.

Just to confirm, anybody still having this exact error message still? We haven’t gotten reports in the last 24 hours. If so, please let me know what you’ve already tried to troubleshoot it and whether or not you have an after market harddrive in your PS4.

I have had the error twice today, both times in mystery hero’s. I’ve been playing about 5 hours.

Got disconnected once during a competitive match but I was able to rejoin this time. What is going on? This all happened after the last update. Now I’m afraid to play the game :frowning:

Just wanted to let you know today I’ve been playing for about 2 hours (mystery hero’s) just got it again. Error CE-34878-0. hopefully you guys can get a fix soon.

Still happening here, I don’t play competitive so I can’t speak for that. It only crashes in mystery hero’s, ps4 pro. I’ve had to switch to quick play where it doesn’t crash.
EDIT: It actually just crashed before POTG on quick play. After ~2 hours that time.

Still trying to look for commonalities for this at the moment. Can anybody having this problem post this information the next time they receive the error for me?

  • PS4 Model:
  • Is the PS4 Stock, Refurbished, or Modified with upgraded hardware? (especially harddrive):
  • Game Mode Played:
  • How long can you play between CE-34878-0 errors?:
  • Any other information you think may be relevant:

Beyond that, please ensure you’ve tried Sony’s troubleshooting for this error and let us know if anything from the list works.