SirLeigh - Game Crashing issue

Three out of four placement matches this happened to me so far. RTX 2080.

Hey there,

Moved this to a new topic since the other thread was for PS4 issues.

I checked error reporting for this account, and found a “Rendering Device Lost” error. If this is not correct and you would like to report a different crash error please let me know.

It looks like the GPU is hitting 85*C which is very hot, the max listed by Nvidia is 88*C. I recommend using the instructions on this article to troubelshoot the heating issue. If the problem is still happening after completing all steps in the article please send us a screenshot of the hardware monitor after the error happens.

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You have an RTX 2080? See this thread: "Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX

Rename Overwatch.exe or use NVIDIA profile inspector to delete NVIDIA’s built-in profile for Overwatch.exe. While it’s possible your problem could be different, myself and other users with the RTX 2080 also had random crashes with a “rendering device lost” error until applying this fix.

If you rename Overwatch you can just change the name back later. If you delete the driver profile, reinstalling the driver or updating to a new driver will restore the profile and you will need to delete it again if the problem returns.