Can we get a Brigette status update?


Next Tuesday.



still physically incapable of sitting



They said no date is decided yet on twitter yesterday.


key word, estimate

20 chars


Somewhere around the next few weeks.

(Jeff Kaplan) #8

Testing has been awesome. You all have been a huge help. Probably not this week but she’s looking good. Almost ready.

Brigitte going live tommorow
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Brigitte going live tommorow
PTR Just got Closed
Yooooo PTR is down
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Plz soon. Live overwatch is empty without her…


sounds like next week then


We need her shield :’(


Gif Brigitte soon pls.



She’s so great for healers, too. I see my main healer in trouble, i charge that trouble and run it off. All without pulling a tank off blocking duties.


It hurts so much, But I get it. :frowning:


Thanks for the status update, Jeff! We appreciate it! :slight_smile:


please hurry Papa Jeff


Thanks for the update Mr. Kaplan, it’s greatly appreciated. I’m really looking forward to her release! :+1:t2:


Release my virtual waifu now
pls i beg you


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Any word on what changes you’re thinking about making? Or is it all just bugfixes now?


Is the shield bash + flail + whip combo staying in?

As I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not based on Bill’s post on reddit, and people are claiming it becomes impossible above like 50 ping.


And here I was hoping you would release her on her favorite day of the year - Pi/pie day! Ah well, I guess I can survive waiting a week for so more if it means she’ll be released more bug-free.


My Bday is on March 20th, is there a possibility of a 20th release date? It would be a nice gift…