PTR Just got Closed

Brigitte tommorw maybe? Seems a bit soon though.


Probably Tuesday - 20/3

Jeff replied to a post saying she probably won’t come this week.

So just like most everyone predicted she’ll probably come out next Tuesday.


Who knows, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ but I’ll be sitting here waiting for her.


Oh, so this is why I can’t connect to ptr.

If they closed it then, she should be ready tomorrow.

I mean is weird that they would close it with a new hero on testing.

They said probably next week

they need the patch to be approved by sony and microsoft, that takes a few days

Don’t get too excited.

Emphasis on “probably”. (Trying not to get my hopes up, but you know the excitement.)

They may have had the approval ahead of time, and the “probably next week” is just avoiding saying a specific release time/deadline.

That will not happen… It’s Tuesday.

A couple of the new heroes have released on Thursdays. It’s not unheard of.

I’m already not hyped for her. I play on console predominantly so I still haven’t even played her. The only new hero that I was ever hyped for was Orisa, and that is because she was my first new hero.

Yeah but if it got shut down, we know it takes 3+ days to get a patch certification. If they closed it today, they sent it today.

Blizzard is kinda predictable when it comes to this hero-release stuff. I don’t think they want to make a surprise of it…

I mean, I made this assumption after looking through the release dates and patterns for previous hero releases, so to say it’s not predictable to be tomorrow isn’t unreasonable either. Also Moira was released quite unexpectedly, so Blizzard making a surprise of it, is also not unheard of.

I’m not going to get my hopes up, but I won’t rule out tomorrow entirely either.

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Didn’t Moira’s PTR close the day that she came out? So tomorrow isn’t out of question

Something like that, yea. They have taken a more formal approach, with the survey, and such, so the forum announcement amplifies that for me, personally. So the PTR being shut down implies something to get excited about as well.

I’m hoping it’s tomorrow. As a console player, these new hero/map release seasons are always so bad because we have to wait so long

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