Yooooo PTR is down

Let’s hope that Brig is gonna release today. As a console player I’ve been dying to try her out


me too, why heart isn´t whole until she comes :heart_eyes:

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I need to play the new best girl

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I want her to be but Jeff did say it’s possible not this week. It would be weird to have him say that and then drop her? Though, personally, I would love her today.

Wishful thinking though :confused:

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plz blizz today

Jeff did say this about 5 hours before the PTR went down, could be the approval happened after he said this, and then the PTR went down in response to the approval. Hopefully my wording makes sense. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but at the same time, I want Brigitte and the ult charge UI changes pretty badly.

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This could be a possibility

Jeff said sometime next week.

Hoping for the “probably”.

He said probably not this week.

“Probably” is the key word here. A lot of uncertainty lies in just this word. If I’m not mistaken this was said before the PTR went down as I described above, so we could get lucky. So I’d guess in around 40 minutes or an hour and 40 minutes, we’ll know. You guys have had day light savings ahead of the UK so my grasp of time zones is a bit out of whack for this week until we catch up.

Any time he’s said that, it’s happened the following week :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be really delighted if I’m wrong, though lol.

They have a history of releasing heroes on Thursday, don’t let the dream die.

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I mean, like I said. It’s never been the week that the hero was taken off PTR.

But, again, I HOPE I AM WRONG. lol.

Didn’t he say the same thing about Moira then she went live the following day? That feels like an eon ago though so I could be mistaken.

Moira. Moira was taken down on the day that she released(if I remember correctly)

I want to remember that, but I think that’s the one I don’t remember.

I know that Sombra wasn’t released immediately, Ana wasn’t released until a week after, Doomfist wasn’t, Orisa wasn’t, etc.

Shoot, I’ll still cross my fingers though. I want to bash people in the face with a shield!

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I don’t think I’ll get the chance to play her - two of my friends are really hyped up to practice her in prep for comp so I’ll have to wait my turn, haha. But good luck and have fun when she does go live!

That would be cool. I would hope this is the case lol

Good grief everyone. Based on what Jeff said we basically know nothing other than we’ll likely see her soon. This week, next week, the week after… we don’t know.