{MEGATHREAD} Console Players Still Feeling like 2nd Class Citizens. [400 likes, 1500 responses]

Ok guys don’t hate me for this but I have an idea.I know most of u won’t like it but just think about it for a while. Alot of problems in console ow are because of controllers, believe me ALOT. So why don’t give console MKB support (I don’t use MKB). Alot of us have a mouse and a keyboard at our homes. Think about it, it would feel so much better, it would end alot of problem and most of all it’s more fun to play fps games on mkb. Other games do it on ps4 metal gear and fortnite (maybe) why not overwatch.It’s just MY opinion.

Honestly I can’t watch Overwatch League. PC players are so prejudice against console players, I feel like they don’t even see us as a real part of the community. To them we’re just horrible Overwatch players who refuse to learn the true power of a mouse/keyboard, and repeatedly say that we should just “switch to PC” when we decide to take the game seriously. How can I support Overwatch League knowing that’s what they think of us? And seeing Blizzard playing favorites isn’t helping this whole situation either.


The problem with that is that not EVERYONE has a keyboard & mouse they can connect to their Playstation or Xbox (yes, it sounds rare enough but there are people out there like that).

Sure Console might benefit from mouse & keyboard but they would offer a distinct advantage from those who play with a controller and if there’s anything Blizzard is trying to do, is make the game fair and fun for the majority of the players on the platform…and the majority of people who play on consoles usually play with controllers.

All we want is to be acknowledged, that is literally the least Blizzard can do, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Overwatch wasn’t made for console, it was ported.

I understand ur point bro but u said majority of people have a mouse and a keyboard so basically majority of people will have fun right?

You obviously don’t know what a port is, do you?

A port is a game that was released for a system, then later modified and updated to be released on a different platform.

Console-watch was developed, and released, at the SAME TIME as PC-watch and it even cost MORE money (with us on Console not able to get the standard version and whatnot). So no, it isn’t a port. The development team has even straight up admitted that they planned to develop Overwatch for all 3 platforms from the very beginning.

Well, we’ve been giving our feedback; and we have been for many months. You want to know what the Overwatch Development Team can do for the Console Players, that does NOT take a Sony/MS approval process of any kind to do? I’ll give you that answer: RESPONDING to said feedback.

Do you also want to know the last time any member of the Overwatch Development Team has responded to a thread trying to address Console-specific concerns? I’ll give you that answer too: JANUARY 18th, 2018. Yeah, the Overwatch Development Team has not responded to a single thread trying to address Console-specific concerns in over 2 months. This also means that they haven’t responded to a single thread trying to address Console-specific concerns on the new Overwatch Forums (which have been around for a month).
And before you try to tell me that they don’t have the time to respond to this thread/haven’t seen this thread yet, let me notify you on the following. First, this thread has been viewed over 2,200 times as of this post; and that’s not including the amount of times the thread on the original forums was viewed.
Second, I thrust this issue back into the forefront of the original Forums on NOVEMBER 30th, 2017 (that’s 4 months that it’s been around). In addition to that, the thread for this on the original forums even got capped (500 posts); and the only reason it got uncapped was because I filed a ticket asking for such.
Third, if they have the time to respond to threads such as these, among others:

then they obviously have the time to respond to either this thread, or any other thread that’s trying to address Console specific concerns. But somehow by some dog-talking level witchcraft, they don’t have the time to respond to this thread. Otherwise, we would have gotten a response by now. Yeah, if that’s not bull by any means to you, then I can’t exactly help you here.

^It is worth noting in every bit above to not confuse the Overwatch Development Team with the Community Managers/other Forum Mods; they are two different sets of people.


Thanks for the idea, but for me the answer would be no. I spend 8+ hours a day on a mouse and keyboard for work. The absolute last thing I want to do when I get home and try to relax is pick up a mouse and keyboard.


Peeking in to see if devs responded yet


Nothing yet. Thanks for stopping by.

Anyone get the push to talk function to work yet?

Every couple days I do lol

We have a push to talk function now?

I have a XIM4, but due to the state of the game, and my decline in skill, I’m still stuck in plat, 4 season later.

Nope it doesn’t work. I think it’s faulty. Maybe they hoped they could add it in wirhout anyone noticing and plan to put out a patch with the necessary fixes next time.

Just thought of something else: it would be awesome to get access to different aim setting loadouts. My girlfriend loves playing OW but the problem is the aim setting. When I try to make little adjustments she immediately notices it and it bothers her while playing. Having the possibility to jave different loadouts would be nice. And no, she plays basically the same heroes than I do, so that’s not really an option either unfortunately…


The control is there, but it doesn’t work. And it won’t work until the ability to change Voice Chat Modes gets implemented. As of right now, it is stuck on Open Mic on Console because there’s no way to change it. Obviously it can be changed between Open Mic and Push to Talk on PC


You obviously don’t know what sarcasm is, do you?

If you don’t make it obvious, I won’t be able to tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. And you obviously didn’t imply sarcasm in that post of yours, so there you go. That’s my response to it

Not saying that you’re wrong to feel attacked, but you really didn’t imply any sarcasm in your initial post.

It would help if you put a /s following your post so that we don’t go all ballistic on you.

As you can tell, a lot of the people in this thread (including myself) is a little more than annoyed with some PC-players coming into the thread only to contribute nothing and generally put us down, you might not be one of those people, but they DO exist.

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I don’t see the point of this. Why would you need to swipe at all. Now, I am a console player, so I do understand a lot of these problems, but a lot of them aren’t really problems, just annoyances.

Since the lunar update, I’ve felt aiming has been completely messed up. I use linear ramp, which is still broken, so I spent a lot of hours tweaking everything.

When the update happened everything was slow, drifty and uncontrollable. This is still the case. I’ve had to completely turn off aim ease and aim smoothing so I can atleast feel some sort of input response.

just wondering: can topics now reach a limit of comments and be automatically closed? or will it remain infinite until a mod comes and closes it off? Because if it remains infinite, I’m willing to bet you that we will have surpassed at least 500 comments before getting a close to satisfying response from devs