Brigitte going live tommorow

And Hanzo changes hit PTR on Tuesday, you heard it here first ma bois.


Are we playing the same game?

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doubt ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


Man I hate this stupid 20 characters minimum rule. I said all I needed to say in 10 characters.


Jeff popped on earlier saying it wasn’t gonna happen, because they’re still workin on her.



Evidence? (20 characters)

Posted today in another thread.


Don’t think so, Jeff said probably not this week in an earlier topic. Hoping for next Tuesday though!

Brigitte Release:

Hanzo on PTR:


Oops got sniped by like three people lmao

I forgot the topic title but the OP was asking for Brigitte estimates and Jeff replied that testing was going well but she probably won’t be out this week.

“Probably” not this week he says.

I just say this because the last 3 heroes have gone live on the second week after the hit PTR, Thursday.
Which for Brigitte would be tomorrow. We’ll see.

Can confirm.

A kid in Quick Play told me his dad works at Blizzard and Brigitte will be out tomorrow.

OMG it must be true then!! Screw what Jeff said, this kid knows his $hit!

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Probably still isn’t a no!

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Just an FYI… PTR is down, and wont be up until something new is read for testing (Update post on the PTR Forums). I’d link it, but I don’t have such privileges yet. :crazy_face:

I just wanna know, where is my shield maiden !?

I’m guessing she’ll be released next Tuesday, March 20th.