Bring back Pink Mercy NOW!

Or just donate and dont pretend that there’s any other reason you’re donating with ACTUAL real world issues than you just wanting the skin. People need to get over it and donate for actually important reasons and not a set of pink ponytails.

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Its 100% pathetic when people pretend that they actually care about donating to charity. Like no, you don’t. You just want the skin, and nothing else, if you didn’t then you would donate anyway. This is a cause about people with actual real world problems, not about people who are mad they can’t turn mercy pink.

How many posts are you going to delete? Did you need to add something?

And thank you for replying so I can ignore you!

Pink Mercy isn’t going to fix your self esteem in real life okay? It’s just a skin lol. A skin anyone and everyone can ask for. You sound just as pathetic as the gatekeepers here but go on!

Feel free to donate right now if you like!
If you have nothing else to see then you are irrelevant!

Have a wonderful day! :heart::grin:

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A lot of you people are truly horrible and nasty.
I agree that this skin should be available to purchase with real money.
As a sufferer of terminal cancer, I would love to have a way to show my support “in game” for the many out there that have been touched by cancer.
Makes me really angry that Blizzard will not allow the player base contribute to charities that could benefit from our generosity.


this has already been discussed multiple times in this thread

In sum, it is irrelevant to the topic because Pink Mercy was created to bring in donations from folks who require recompense to donate

actually, though some dont care, many do

so no, this statement paints with far too broad a brush

too broad a brush, again

irrelevant to this topic as noted above


If you require compensation then you’re donating for the wrong reason is what im saying. Like wanting the skin is fine but pretending theres any other reason you would donate is pathetic. Simple as that.

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Bring back the Pink!


I don’t even have the skin, I’m just tired of people pretending they care about anything other than the skin. If you need compensation to donate than you aren’t donating for any other reason than said compensation, it’s just reality. You can ignore me if an echo chamber is what you desire, i just spit facts and don’t pretend to be something im not, ive actually donated to breast cancer research and didn’t need the skin to do so.

wrong is a strong word

the world has people who donate on their own, people who need an incentive, and people who simply wont donate at all

none of these folks are wrong…this simply is people…with all their differences

Charities recognize that they will always get donations from the first group. They also recognize that they can obtain funds from the second group if they can come up with a prize, a reward, in exchange for donation

this was and is what Pink Mercy was for - to gain donations from this second group

there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever

I personally dont see an issue here

The donation money spends the same for the charity regardless of the intentions of the buyer

Further, assuming that all buyers are pretending is again painting with far too broad a brush. Are there some buyers acting in this manner? Sure. Are all of them? Not even close.

it isnt a fact that all buyers are pretending


Its not too broad of a brush, you and i both it’s a simple fact. Caring because you want to support people and caring because you’ll get the skin for it are two different things. One is doing so knowing that you won’t get something in return and one is doing so because you want what you’ll get in return. Those are two different reasons for that transaction. They are not related. One of them is based on the want of something in return and one of them is based on doing it without wanting anything in return. There is no morale high ground for the other choice

I don’t care about who it supports I just want the pink mercy-I want the outside to match her inside.

Given that not every buyer has the intentions you described, it is by definition too broad a brush to be painting with

this is true but irrelevant…because again the money spends the same for BC research regardless of the buyer’s intentions

and no moral high ground is required

again, each dollar spends the same regardless of the buyers intentions

they will once Hanzo is nerfed and requires skill which will be in about 100 years

Yes it is required if you actually care about the cause. Wanting the skin is fine, but dont act like you care about the cause if you aren’t willing to donate without compensation. I’ve done it and don’t even have the skin. No amount of dismissing legit arguments as irrelevant instead of responding to them is going to make people believe that anyone here actually wants anything other than pink mercy.

What is this.

no, it isnt required

one can hand over the dollars to make the purchase regardless of one’s intent, and those dollars spend the same for BC research whether the buyer is of good intent or ill intent

tho it doesnt actually matter how one acts at all, there are many folks who care about the cause who also purchased the skin

the two arent mutually exclusive

Irrelevant points remain irrelevant

no need to respond to irrelevant points aside from noting their irrelevancy

OMG! THEY WILL RETURN PINK MERY IN THE OVERWATCH 2 :heart_eyes: I am so excited and will be incredibly happy if it will happen! Just imagine how many live we will save! :dove: We really will be a guardian angels! :innocent: Common Blizzard, BRING IT BACK!

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Its the same donation, different reason. You donating for the skin instead of donating for no compensation objectively means you care less than someone who donates without compensation. Dont act like you care as much.

We’re already saving people because ACTUALLY ethical people are donating for good reason. Dont pretend you want anything else, most people have triple digit IQ and see through this. Absolutely pathetic

There is no acting on my part

I do care about the subject

FWIW two of my family are or were afflicted with this condition

with that said, I find your accusation here to be rude and offensive

and even more are being saved, or have a better chance to be saved, by those who buy the skin. Those dollars spend exactly the same for BC research as dollars donated without recompense

Further, the statement above implies that those who buy the skin are unethical.

This too is extremely rude and offensive

This is offensive in the extreme, and it is virtually certain that no forum member, yourself included, knows the OP well enough to be able to say such a thing with any certainty of it being the truth. This is attempted character defamation, and it is entirely groundless

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