Bring back Pink Mercy NOW!

I know of no “beggars” in this thread or any similar threads

People would like to purchase x and are asking to be able to do so.

This is perfectly normal and acceptable behavior, and as such, I see no need to use derisive terminology in regards to these folks


Mhm it’s perfectly OK to be so attached to the skin you don’t even have that the mods need to edit your post.

you sound like a spoiled little brat that your parents never said no to and you have daddy’s credit card buying whatever you want whenever you want…


the OP isnt the only one who wants to acquire this skin

tho yes, extreme language need not have been used to make the point

but the demand for the skin is real and it is entirely appropriate to ask for its return, particularly on these forums


Once again, my comment was describing the OP.

and again, in a forum discussion, one may be intending to address a single individual, but yet due to the nature of the forum is addressing every reader of the post in question…and every forum member has the right to respond if they deem fit


I’m guessing there was a legal agreement between Blizzard and the charity about the event. That could be the reason it’s not back–fine print in some document.

Or maybe the charity doesn’t want it back. Blizzard needs the good PR, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t do it.

Maybe they will surprise us in OW2. /shrug

Just buy up all the accounts that you can with pink mercy to re-sell them once OW2 comes out and rich peeps want the skins. Could make a few grand, or 10, or 100, but I dunno… not like I do that stuff or anything :wink:

This is the real BCRF letter

Thank you so much for reaching
out. We are so grateful to receive
your kind words and love for the
BCRF + Blizzard partnership.
BCRF continues to be in contact
with our wonderful partners at
Overwatch. We encourage you
to continue sharing your love for
Pink Mercy on social media so
the Blizzard team knows how
much this program means to the
community and can consider
bringing it back. While the
program is no longer active, there
are several ways to continue to
support BCRF through gaming. To
learn more, we encourage you to
visit … (there was a link) … and to stay
up to date with updates from our
partners, we invite you to sign up
for the BCRF newsletter, linked
at the bottom of the page of
… (there was a link to the BCRF website) …

Overwatch developers - everything is in your hands! Together we can make the world a better place, as well as raise the ratings of our favorite game! And we players and users have already told you for a long time how important this action is for us!


Proceed to shut down servers.

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While I absolutely don’t think it should come back, as the value of it would be diminished, it should be transferable between pc and xbox. The pink mercy event sprays are transferable between xbox and pc but the skin is not, and the reason given is because “progress doesn’t transfer,” however the skin was purchased. No progress was made. It’s unfortunate how Blizzard chose to blur the lines of what counts as progress in this case.

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I have Nano Cola equipped, I think the color scheme and Jet Set Radio vibes does it for me.

given that around nine hundred thousand of these were sold, I dont see the sale of a few more as causing much if any of a drop in value


You being able to see it doesn’t make it about you…

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"La piel costó $ 15 y solo estuvo disponible por un par de semanas, estando disponible solo desde 8 de mayo al 21 del mismo mes. A pesar de estar disponible durante tan poco tiempo, la piel recaudó 12,7 millones de dólares para la Breast Cancer Research Foundation, que fue una ayuda gigantesca para la fundación.

Debido a la popularidad de la piel entre los fanáticos del juego , se recuperó de forma permanente y ahora está disponible en el sitio web de Battle Net por el mismo precio y todo el dinero ganado todavía se destina al BCRF.
- Spanish citation from the web-site https:/|overwatch-pink-mercy-skin? (I can’t put the full link unfortunately)

I WANT IT TO BE TRUE :pleading_face: :disappointed_relieved: :sob: I think it will be the best option: charity shouldn’t be something “exclusive”. If person want to donate to a good cause and buy this skin - he will do it any time! :innocent:


I honestly don’t care ‘anyone who owns a limited skin’ aren’t special and they never will, neither are they cool or anything…

Like it’s a freaking skin who cares.

like why do u think most people don’t even wear those “special skins” anymore, They only wore it because they wanted to feel “special” and “cool” but weren’t getting the reactions from players they wanted :joy:

Weird. It’s kinda like this post of yours. :joy:

I have never claimed that it was about me

The topic isnt me - its the Pink Mercy skin

But if a forum member posts a statement on these forums, any other forum member can respond/reply to said statement, regardless of whether it is intended to be addressed to one specific forum other member

a large number of forum members have indicated their interest in this item

a large number of users of other internet discussion sites have indicated their interest in this item

so, many many folks care

myself included


Yes I fully agree and support the return of pink mercy as well as other re-colours of the skin


Please bring it back.