Bring back Pink Mercy NOW!

And did you donate to them or help thier cause? Because if you did, then the statement doesnt apply to you. Let me be clear and state that my issue is NOT people wanting the skin, the issue I have is people acting like they want the skin back JUST to help the cause, something OP is clearly doing. Like no, the main reason people here want it back is because they want the skin. That is factually OPs main incentive. If it wasn’t, then this thread wouldn’t even exist they would have donated already. Yes, it is absolutely pathetic to PRETEND that wanting the skin is not your main reason for making this thread and that youre doing it “out of kindness” and the want to actually help people.

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The skin could come back and i wouldnt care. We’re just fed up with people on this forum pretending to be something they’re not on this forum. Like what they want is the skin.

This set of complaints has no merit whatsoever

No forum member has enough information on other forum members to ever be able to legitimately claim they are “pretending to care”


It doesnt even matter if people are pretending t care because the dollars spend the same for BC research regardless of the buyers intentions or mindset

All that is being done here is lodging an unfounded, baseless attack on buyers of this skin, when there is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with buying this skin

I find this entire set of statements to be pure uncalled-for derision and utterly despicable

I literally said i have no issue with people wanting the skin and it coming back. Your main reason is wanting the skin? That’s fine, own that that’s your reason for donating and dont pretend to be something you’re not.

Well, developers actually said that there would be more paid content, as the Overwatch 2 will be free-to-play. I believe that a charity will be common events in the game, as you pay some money to support something (more than a half goes to the charity organization of course, so don’t worry). :heartpulse: Pink Mercy, as we all know, was a charity event → SO IT WILL BACK at least one time! OMG! I am so exited! :smiley: Common Bliz, BRING IT BACK!!! :pleading_face: :dove:


Estoy a favor de que vuelva, han vuelto muchas otras… ¿Porque no podría volver esta? Está muy demandada y creo que le daría un BUM al juego en el buen sentido…

Por cierto, si alguien piensa decirme “no va a volver” “que me busque una vida” o “que dono por interés” ni te molestes… Yo la quiero de vuelta sí o sí como muchos otros y me da igual que a ti te moleste, que la tengas y no quieras que otros tengamos la oportunidad o que me acuses de donar por algo a cambio, al menos, donación es.

Que vuelva Pink Mercy!!! :revolving_hearts:


Nano cola is best skin and I’ll never remove it

Pink Mercy Topics Never Die! :grin:
I agree for 1 000 000% that Pink Mercy SHOULD BE RETURNED AT LEAST ONE TIME (the best option will be annual event (every October for example) :heartpulse:

Now… Why Pink Mercy should be returned?!

  1. Nintendo Switch players, !who even didn’t have the opportunity to participate in it! (it’s a very powerful argument for bringing back this event) FINALLY will have the opportunity to get Pink Mercy :rage:
  2. for 90% Blizzard and BCRF signed an agreement on holding an action in the FIRST PART OF THE GAME (Overwatch 2, according to the law, is a brand new game with it’s own logo and other rights) So, they can create one more agreement without any troubles. :scroll:
  3. Players all around the world will donate more money to a good cause (at least they will have an awesome motivation to do that) And more and more people, who needs help, will get it! We all will be real guardian angels, and will help to make our world better place! :dove:
  4. New players, who came to the Overwatch 2 because of the free-to-play basis, as well as old players, who unfortunately couldn’t participate in it (like me actually) - will become excited and happy if it will happen! This hype will positively effect on the rates of out game! :heartpulse:
    Blizzard, I believe that we can do it! Developer’s team - it’s your time to act! This is a dream of many players, and a chance to help innocent people! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

which would be in my case not having to buy the skin.

since i can buy it tomorrow so why rush?

10 years later…

i can still buy it tomorrow no need to rush

mean while the real event was:
buy now or never
so i bought it the very same day lul

which only happened bc of the sentence that i have to do it now or never.
if that sentence is removed all Problems are solved. bc i could still decide to buy the skin and wouldn’t own it now.

if that sentence wasn’t there, sales would be lower, not 0 but lower for sure.

and rereleases would be a non issue

They’ll bring back Pink Mercy the same time they bring back preorder Noire Widow that I wish I had. It’s not coming back.

Unfortunately, you may be out of luck:

actually, the skin will return when and if Blizzard decides it will return, no matter how many forum members claim that this can never happen

plans can and often do change

we have many such examples just within the Overwatch framework

the continued discussion of this topic keeps the topic “on the table” and shows the decision makers that the demand for this product remains strong even years after the original limited release

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Andy B mentioned that we WON’T see Pink Mercy at ANNIVERSARY REMIX events! Is it very hard to understand?! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
It wasn’t said that it closed forever! Moreover, there is one more topic on these forums, where it was said that developers CAN bring this skin back, if players will be interested in it. And I can say for sure, we are interested in it! Besides one community manager said that she would love to see Pink Mercy in different colors (like aquamarine or even grey) - I am not sure, but it sounds like a spoiler that Pink Mercy will be a mythic skin (like Genji with lots of customizations) in Overwatch 2

P.S. If you have a Pink Mercy skin - it’s ok and I am very happy about it . But, please, don’t make people, who want this event back and help innocent people one more time, more upset. That’s not cool :unamused: :face_exhaling: :rage:

You are very demanding, and very rude.

That wasn’t my intention. I don’t care if the skin comes back, I was just sharing the information I came across in relation to the topic.

Please do a petition so we can sign and share , they would hear our voice


They have never not heard it.

Do not waste your time thinking that people have ever been silent on this issue and you’re starting some kind of revolution.

There is ALWAYS someone going on about this skin. Always. It’s never going to stop. It’s never going to be quiet.

Make your house heard as much as you want. Just don’t pretend Blizzard hasn’t been listening.

They’ve even released statements about it. Been asked on AMAs about it. Etc.


When will it end. The answer is NO

I love the childish demanding title OP has. “Bring back Pink costume or I will yell some more!”

Stop necroing threads, seriously just make your own thread this is ridiculous.

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