“Gameplay sabotage is not unwillingness to switch heroes.”

Similar to the choice of where to use ice wall or TP, but it could be gameplay sabotage.

Also, I’ve suggested making every character generalist and minimizing the counter relations to make those things NOT becoming a gameplay sabotage not just in a theory, but also in practice. In the current status of OW(heavy team dependency) the theory and practice differ too much.

gameplay sabotage is fairly well defined, particularly in regards to what isnt gameplay sabotage

choice of character isnt

swapping or not swapping isnt

these are both true whether one wishes to frame them as theory or practice

there are, sadly, players who have adopted fabricated/fake/personal “rules” like “no one is allowed to pick Symmetra” or “DPS must switch to a hitscan when the other team has a Pharah”

They attempt to apply these fabricated/fake/personal “rules” to their teammates, but given that these “rules” arent actually rules, they actually dont apply to anyone, ever, under any circumstances

Sadder still is when players who have adopted such “rules” use them as the basis for falsely reporting other players

not in my world. if i lose its because the team were potatoes. if i win it was all me :wink:

you can argue all you want but thats how MOST people think hehe

i never say anything ingame tho since i have all voice and chat off

I think people don’t ask what’s the current definition of gameplay sabotage. People talk about how the definition should be changed, no?

talk is fine

anyone can discuss ideas for change as they wish, whether it be rules or maps or characters or whatever…and these forums are the perfect place to hold such discussions

but until rules are changed by Blizzard, they apply as written by Blizzard

Fair enough. I despise this selfish behavior too.

You are mistaken. There are several others in this very thread who will attest to soft throwing being a thing, you just don’t acknowledge it.

Clarification : the behavior described in my quote is in fact selfish behavior. Selfish to the extreme, and deserving of being avoided for not being a team player.

Who said anything about 1 person deciding what is best for the team?? You’re just making stuff up

Could you like… stay on topic instead of just talking about random things?

In my opinion it would depend on how poorly they are doing specifically because of their character selection being countered and how aware of this they are.

Which is surprisingly common.

Yeah, I just said my ideas, not the current rule is so. I think such rules should reflect the reality better. OW is designed to focus on the teamplay than other fps. Also the characters are not even across all the team compositions. Some characters need a specific character to be enabled, and some characters counter/are countered by some specific characters so hard. Such things make it affects the gameplay of the whole team so hard.

as a clarification, “soft throwing” and “hard throwing” arent things

“throwing” is a thing. It is one of the forms of gameplay sabotage

a given player can mark a given other player to avoid for any reason they wish, or for no reason at all. No reason is required.

however, in the scenario provided, the selfish player is the one who expects/demands that other players do as they say, when in fact the game guarantees those other players their individual right to their own choices and actions

nothing has been made up on my part

when a given forum member refers to “the good of the team” o “team needs” or something along those lines, it is implicitly understood that the forum member is deciding what those are…for the team as a whole. As such, Player A is expecting/demanding others to do as they say…

This is the epitome of selfishness

clarification: everything I have stated in this thread has been on topic. Nothing I have stated has been random

You are mistaken.

What are you even talking about??? In the scenario provided there is no player that you’re referring to, there’s only the selfish player not caring about making their team lose the game by feeding

Several things have been made up on your part. You’re making things up over and over again


I have already fully clarified each of these items

Each thing I have stated has been correct

In particular, it is selfish for any one player to demand that one or more of his/her teammates do as he/she says. This is textbook/iconic selfishness, and also against the rules of the game, as it is an attempt to violate individual player rights

You are incorrect yet again.

I’ve already addressed this fully

I will not be continuing this particular side conversation in this thread

It is good that you are choosing to discontinue making incorrect comments. Thank you.

how dare these fellas having fun in a video game :flushed:!?



I had a match before when I kept playin hammond, for sure I wasn’t the better player there, but the other tank (rein) 1 dps (genji) and one support (mercy) kept telling me

rein: ‘‘I can’t tank, I’m 1 shield vs 2 shield…’’ (dude shield management for the love of the god)

Genji ‘‘we need another shield ‘’ like… you’re genji??? you don’t need shield -.-’’’


result we won and that Genji told he carried us… (sure dude , let’s forget I literally baited all enemy ccs into me and you took advatage of that, but keep believing you carried alone)

people should really begin to look themselves and shut up in comp

character selection is never gameplay sabotage

if selection of a given character were gameplay sabotage, the game would simply not allow said character to be selected

If a character is available to be selected, the game is inherently saying “it is permissible to select this character”

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It’s 2022 tho and anywhere besides bronze you know what characters are good and bad against and almost everyone has more than just one character they can play. If there’s somehow people out there that hasn’t then yes it’s there fault for not coming to a match ready to swap to another character when needed, not even asking them to be prepared for everything just to be able to play another character

that’s not very good logic since the game also allows you to just walk into a hole and die but you and I both know that if a player keeps on killing themselves as soon as they spawn they’re throwing

Dude, it is a multiplayer game, let people play their own way. If you want to be a dictator than you should probably stick to single player games.