Brigitte Shield Bash 5s to 6s? You’re joking, right?

Considering the majority of the people complaining about her want her deleted (and some have flat-out said this), I don’t think we can trust the community’s ideas of balancing regarding Brigitte.

I’d rather have small incremental changes. Start slow, keep going from there. Look where hasty changes left Sombra. :slight_smile:


I was going to point out the whole “6 meter range vs 20 meter point” thing, but that’s getting old. So I’ll just go with this:

To be fair, you have to realize that Sombra hack had what was effectively a 0.55 second reaction time tied to it. You had to snap instantly to her if you wanted to stop anything.
Staying away from Brigitte just requires basic tracking of enemy positions. You see her on the other side of the point, keep an eye on her as you move around. No snappy reactions or pin point clicking on heads are needed here.


Objective points are ~20m across so she cannot reach across an entire objective. Furthermore you get a man advantage before you rush onto the point, creating an opening from range that will then let you break through their defense.

The only thing she would stand a chance of reach across is a payload. Which even then you should be breaking them at range before moving in, instead of mindlessly hopping onto the payload.

So in truth it actually is not that hard to keep your distance, unless your team has no coordination at all.

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Brigitte has limited self healing. Without a main tank (Rein) she can’t soak much damage. I’ve been playing tons of Brigitte and that 600hp barrier doesn’t last long. Especially if your trying to close a gap on multiple targets.

She struggles against range and even slight angles allow for lots of chip damage. Spread out cover different angles and Brigitte can’t move on your team at will.

Breaking her shield may not expose her team but it heavily limits her. She can’t begin recharging the shield for 3s and after that it’s only 100 a second. If you keep pressure on her she dies.


Better than killing the hero instantly and putting it in the graveyard, yeah she is oppressive right now but I would prefer nerfing her nice and easy and not killing her instantly.


So you’re telling me on Point A of Temple of Anubis if Brigitte takes 2-3 steps and Shield Bashes she won’t travel across to the other edge of the point or at least near the middle where an enemy would be standing?

I could say the same for a lot of Capture Points, especially Blizzard World.

In Overwatch, “20 meters” isn’t as big as it sounds my friend.

And with how the map is designed if she is sitting on the point you can engage her through the bridge arch or from the high ground and shoot down upon her where she wont be able to shield bash you. There is also the high ground flank to the right you can use to fire down upon her.

Once you get the advantage THEN you move in to take the point.

Similar thing on Blizzard world. You got high ground some characters can use against her and you got routes to the left and right which allow you to hit her from the opposite side of the point at range. Get the advantage then take the point after you win the team fight.

Granted, this generally means the team needs to work together, which is something people should have been doing for the longest but some people still have issues doing.


Putting her shield bash at 7/8 sec will just kill her purpose to counter Dive comp.
What’s the point of calling her meta changing if they nerf her to the ground just cause some Genji mains prefer to throw instead of switch (no joke my only lose in S10 placement is because of a Genji otp who don’t wanted to switch and was always dying alone, insulting the enemy Brigitte all game, and Blizzard should not care about the opinion of those kind of players).


If I am on Point A on Temple Anubis I would be on the high ground behind a shield shooting down at the enemy team. I guess she could shield bash into one of the rooms to the side would be her only play. But at the same time the team will know where she went and there would be focus fire into the room and you would still have the high ground advantage. If you have played against a good junkrat that room is dangerous…Lol.

A joke? I mean it WAS posted by the “guy who is never wrong”, after all.

There are too many players that would rather rant on the forums demanding nerfs from Blizzard instead of trying to adapt. This seems like Doomfist all over again…


lol mercy 1.0 says hi

Maybe you should before you make some whiny thread about game balance.


I agree. Brigitte is a great counter to some heroes. There are some players who refuse to change to try to make things work. I think there is more variety and strategy to the game now. Personally, I am enjoying bring back Roadhog and Zarya to the mix.

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What. Is. This. Logic?


Not explaining this again, here’s a Copy + Paste of what I already said earlier:

Lmao I’ve been watching Shadder2k, XQC, Fitzy, Barcode, Rammy etc. play Competitive, Barcode has been playing DPS, and some Brigitte towards the end, XQC mainly played Reinhardt, Orisa, and Winston and after raging through all of Brigitte’s bullcrap ‘balanced’ playstyle, he went on a different account called “SupportBTW” and one tricked Brigitte because that’s how toxic he was about her, Reinhardt and Winston (his main heroes) might as well be taken off the roster because of her. Fitzy has been playing Sombra of course and lets just say Brigitte is a priority hack target but at the same time hacking her is seems useless since it’s SO easy for her to stay alive for just 6 seconds as long as theres a Tank like 5 feet away she can slap around. Rammy has been playing Brigitte a lot because she’s Low Skill High Reward to the max, and honestly I could say this about any of the streamers, watching them play Competitive right now is horrendous, it’s all one big clusterf*** of boops, explosives, and stuns over and over, it’s like playing World of Warcraft in first person. The only reason why Brigitte is even getting this “nerf” is because nearly every OWL player/Streamer is complaining about her on Twitter and it’s all they talk about on stream, not to mention TimTheTatman (biggest OW streamer) usually racks in over 18K Twitch viewers when he plays OW, and he hasn’t touched Season 10 nor has he streamed OW, he even tweeted out a video saying something like “This is why I’m not playing OW” and it’s a video of Aimbotcalvin being stunned and knocked around over and over by Brigitte’s non-stop Shield Bashes and a Doomfist.

It’s all complete chaos right now but it’s fine because Brigitte is a Support “Just keep your distance LOOL”

Also, here’s Shadder2k’s exact words:

“From what I’ve seen Brigitte is not a Support, she’s a Tank/Support/DPS all in one with the best of everything and no downsides.”

If your not going to play comp yourself and see just what’s going on then your argument is invalid. Your nothing but a sheep to streamers. Parroting whatever they say without realizing they have bias too.

Probably a good thing your not in comp. The less one-tricks the better.


T500/streamer experience is very different to the majority of everyone else’s experience.
If you’re playing in diamond, it’s very unlikely the enemy will be working cohesively and enabling the Brig.

I could watch top tier players utterly destroy a whole enemy team with the new Hanzo and call him busted…but is it the same as the Hanzo experience I’ll have at my tier of play? No.


Yes, because GM/T500 isn’t already running the balancing in this game. /s

Or you can use Bastien, Doomfist, Junkrat, Mei, Pharah.

But I guess Overwatch is a game about “only playing my favourite heroes and call for nerfs on whom I don’t like” rather than switching.