Brigitte Shield Bash 5s to 6s? You’re joking, right?

Where did she get a 1 second increase to her bash cd? I just checked ptr and it’s still 5.

They say it will be in ptr the next patch which will be pretty soon.

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Well, while I personally would have prefered 7-8 seconds shield bash cd, I can live with 6 seconds. At least it’s a slight improvement.

that, combined with her rally max armor change to 100, and bash cone reduced from 90 > 60, all in all, these are pretty reasonable changes in a short span of time.

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100% this, it’s a 20% increase on cooldown. That’s big.

B-b-but I can’t use those heroes because of [insert perfect vacuum scenario here.] And my gosh, all the talk like Reinhardt is frequently dead within a second of dropping his barrier, which is just patently untrue outside of organized play.

Yeah, this is about mains disliking the status quo is getting shaken up. In fact, I bet if she were somehow considered an offense hero, there’d be far less criticism towards her.

And really, people’s primary complaint towards her was her stun, which to be honest was what put her shield bash over the top, and only justifiably exists for only ONE reason: Tracer. Otherwise every other aspect of it makes it a solid ability that let’s her engage a target. Something I wish Reinhardt had, but then he’d need a hammer-time damage nerf.

P.S. On the flip side, we learned that if Reinhardt got his barrier buffed to only reduce his movement speed by 30% instead of 50%, he’d probably be a lot less of a PITA to play. I still stand by the opinion that his high pick rate is attributed to reluctant fills picking the most obvious role model for a tank, but all most of them do is hold right click and… not much else. Maybe the occasional firestrike and bad charge.

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Brititte is pretty much useless without the shield bash and only organized teams can benefit from her healing.

For people no nerf will be enough until she is overnerfed and “deleted” from the games. People dont like a counter to their loved dive characters (or just dont want adapt).

And comments like that one asking her bash being deleted AND her dps lowered confirm my idea haha

I find her healty for the game. Now we see more Reins, soldiers, doomfists, pharahs, junks, meis…


if they don’t nerf brigette everyone will play fortnite.

if they nerf brigette dive will come back and everyone will play fortnite.

no win/win here.

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After these nerfs she will be already not anymore a must pick. no further nerfs are needed 6 sec shield bash is more than fine and 100 armor for rally too.

You know what people pick when tanks are a problem?


She has a plenty number of counters (Bastion is one of them, indeedd xD)
Pharah, Junk, Doomfist, Sombra, Soldier, Bastion, Widow, Hanzo (his 6-shots skill blows the shield…or Brigitte xD), Orisa and Zarya are kinda good vs her.

Torb’s turret is a pain for her too, but since Torb is not the best character ever, no really matters xD

Torbjorn turns out to be really good to work alongside her, now that Brig seems a lot more balanced. Torb/Brig comps on attack work on some maps, it’s nice.

And I’ve tested, in Competitive!

“Break the shield.”

It’s a head scratcher coming from someone who plays Reinhardt as shield hp management is one of the most important skills in playing Reinhardt and you should nearly never allow it to break.

A good Brigitte will not let you burn down her shield.

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Jeez, no wonder Blizzard doesn’t want to say anything on the forums. They say they’re adjusting her, and threads like this continue to complain for more.

Give a inch, take a mile…


Gotta come out of hiding eventually, no?

5*1.2, aka 20% increase, is 6 seconds. Not a 17% increase.

5*1.6, aka 60% increase is 8 seconds. Not a 38% increase.

Just wanted to clear that out.

If you changed it from 6 to 5, that would be a 17% decrease, 8 to 5 a 38% decrease. It’s a kinda big difference between 38% and 60%.

As i said, some people now just dislike her on an irrational hate. No nerf will be enough but overnerfing her xDD.

Then Tracers and Genjis will be able to come out again and walk over full enemy teams xD

No if you are taking that much damage where your shield will break in seconds, you should find cover. It’s fine not to stay out in the open because Brigitte isn’t a main tank and doesn’t have the responsibility to tank for the team.

If you are gonna push through heavy enemy fire, you do it behind a main tank or a support ult, not with your own shield.

The developers won’t do that. First, owl needs to get rid of the dive meta. A stale metal will cause them to lose viewers. Those investors hold the real power in any corporation. OW success is tied to OWL. That is why the developers won’t significantly nerf Brigitte. The meta needs to change for the sake of OWL.

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