Brigitte Shield Bash 5s to 6s? You’re joking, right?

Brigitte is nearly a must pick that is dominating every rank, recently more and more people are quitting this game not only because she’s turning everyone on her team into a Mini Tank and Brigitte turns into an actual Tank because they Rally before a fight even starts, (support btw) but because of her horrible 70 damage CC stun every 5 seconds, now they’re getting even more sucked into Fortnite… and you guys think adding 1 second to Shield Bash is gonna fix this? I haven’t even touched Season 10 yet after watching what all these GM/T500 streamers that are playing Competitive are having to deal with.

Ya know maybe I’d be fine with this if her Shield Bash Stun combo did 50 damage during the stun, but over 70? No.

With the amount of survivability Brigitte has, I was expecting 8 seconds max, I mean c’mon she’s basically a Tank with healing capabilities, no downsides whatsoever except killing Pharah when she’s in the sky. She makes playing any hero but Pharah feel miserable, trying to kill her as literally anyone but Pharah feels like a pointless waste of time and the second you decide (okay this isn’t working lets fallback) Oh, nevermind Brigitte has that darn stun again looks like I’m not going anywhere.


Don’t worry, in a week or so they’ll push the 1 second increase live, and two weeks after that they’ll add another 1 second increase in PTR. After 3 months of Brig meta she might not be a must pick anymore


Many small incremental changes are better than few huge changes.

I hope they make this kind of balancing a habit.

Edit: I know that they do actually make small changes pretty regularly and have done for a long time. The big ones are just especially jarring because they almost invariably screw the game up for a while.


It’ll probably get to a place when it lines up to roadhog hook CD, then I think it’ll be fine. the only problem with bri is shield bash is too liberal with use.

Dude, if Brigitte’s shield bash was the only problem people wouldn’t be quitting.

Blizzard’s lack of transparency, questionable past balance decisions and neglect to player QoL is what’s driving people away.


to be fair, if she can combo it right she can stun you in every 2-3 secs

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They didn’t learn from Mercy. They’ll give her another tiny nerf in a month then another one in another month.

When the playerbase has finally burned out from complaining and Brigitte still hasn’t moved from being dominant they’ll finally give her the nerf they should have done from the beginning.


Prove it. Do you have statistical evidence?


A few small slow nerfs are a better approach than one heavy fast nerfs.

You don’t want her over-nerfed, like what happend with Doomfist.
This is the better way to handle nerfs.


Yes. You are exactly right. Nothing worst than a massive nerf hammer. I’m glad they are taking that approach.

A 1 sec increase in shield bash cooldown is a 17% cooldown increase. If it were increased to 8 seconds that would have been a 38% increase in cooldown. Keep in mind that Winston getting his 38% effective cooldown reduction is what set dive off to becoming the most dominant comp. A nerf like that would stand to send Brigitte into F-tier since it more or less dumps her effective damage, which is already one of the lowest for supports and tanks.

Oh and her shield bash does 50 damage. The whip shot does 70, you know the skill that needs a lot of aim when not used in an animation cancel?

And she is a HYBRID Support/Tank that leans heavily on tank and not a pure support. So stop trying to treat her as a pure support.

Just focus on breaking her shield. She is useless without it and without shield bash up.


They’re nerfing the two biggest things in her kit; her ult and her shield bash

Then we have to see where she sits

It’s the same thing they’re doing with Ana right now as well


You say you haven’t touched season 10 ? Maybe instead of parroting what some steamers are saying you should just try it for yourself because so far I have really enjoyed it, the meta is fresh and fun with lots of heroes we haven’t seen for a long time instead of the same old dive heroes again. I’m having a blast with zarya who is pretty strong against the brigs


This will never be a viable strat as long as the shield is 600 hp. Having the same amount of hp as Roadhouse means you’re not shooting the 600hp Roadhog.

It’s also not like Rein’s sheild where breaking it means you expose the entire enemy team or making her lower it exposes them.

If the cooldown is too long, then she won’t be able to counter mobility heroes. 6 should be the maximum.


Dude. It’s the 3rd day. Give it time and chill. Jeff said they already have an eye on her, what more do you want?


Her pickrate and winrate seem to be dropping slowly but steadily already. I’d rather have smaller nerfs than a panic nerf that will surely send her straight to the trash can.


A Soldier 76 can dump 1 clip and Helix rocket into it. After he reloads he can dump rounds into her cause any intelligent Brigitte is going to drop that 5 HP barrier so that it can recover to hopefully attempt to shield bash.

Hanzo thanks to Storm Arrow and Sonic Arrow can be cheeky. He can lob Sonic Arrow into the top of the shield, doing 125 impact damage, then follow up with Storm Arrow. Now because Sonic arrow still has an active hitbox Brigitte cannot drop her barrier or she headshots herself for 245 damage. Which also means her shield will not regen and Storm Arrow will proceed to shatter her shield and get her headshot by the Sonic Arrow. Or he can just Shoot, Storm Arrow, Shoot more.

Junkrat naturally shreds the shield but also has another bonus that Soldier 76 and Pharah share: Brigitte’s shield does not protect against AoE damage. AoE damage goes straight through the shield letting you damage her and the shield at the same time.

A McCree can dump his clip, roll, then dump half of the next clip to shatter the shield opening her up to a double tap if the McCree is good enough.

And if the team is using this thing called focus fire then the shield drops insanely fast.

While breaking the shield may not expose the enemy team, what it does do is disable her mobility and disable her stun. She loses nearly all threat and can be eliminated easily.

If people are having such trouble with “OP” Brigitte then focusing her to get her out of the picture is the smart thing to do and the easiest way to do that is to abuse the fact that she is a melee character and her shield both slows her down and is her Achilles Heel.


See for myself? I am seeing, I’ve been watching XQC, Fitzy, Barcode, Rammy etc. play Competitive, Barcode has been playing DPS, and some Brigitte towards the end, XQC mainly played Reinhardt, Orisa, and Winston and after raging through all of Brigitte’s bullcrap ‘balanced’ playstyle, he went on a different account called “SupportBTW” and one tricked Brigitte because that’s how toxic he was about her, Reinhardt and Winston (his main heroes) might as well be taken off the roster because of her. Fitzy has been playing Sombra of course and lets just say Brigitte is a priority hack target but at the same time hacking her is seems useless since it’s SO easy for her to stay alive for just 6 seconds as long as theres a Tank like 5 feet away she can slap around. Rammy has been playing Brigitte a lot because she’s Low Skill High Reward to the max, and honestly I could say this about any of the streamers, watching them play Competitive right now is horrendous, it’s all one big clusterf*** of boops, explosives, and stuns over and over, it’s like playing World of Warcraft in first person. The only reason why Brigitte is even getting this “nerf” is because nearly every OWL player/Streamer is complaining about her on Twitter and it’s all they talk about on stream, not to mention TimTheTatman (biggest OW streamer) usually racks in over 18K Twitch viewers when he plays OW, and he hasn’t touched Season 10 nor has he streamed OW, he even tweeted out a video saying something like “This is why I’m not playing OW” and it’s a video of Aimbotcalvin being stunned and knocked around over and over by Brigitte’s non-stop Shield Bashes and a Doomfist.

It’s all complete chaos right now but it’s fine because Brigitte is a Support “Just keep your distance LOOL”


XQC is your evidence?

lol Ok