Brigitte Shield Bash 5s to 6s? You’re joking, right?

Yes because I only mentioned XQC…

lol Ok


don’t worry, it’s normal to see people here who lack reading comprehension and can only think about 1 thing at once


But you can also go too slow. Several months of a character defining the meta is fun for no one.


and here I am still salty about Roadhogs hook nerf.

pick hanzo, kill her

Yup…well said. I dont know how many times I have seen Junkrat go and try to flank instead of spamming damage in. Same with 76 and so many other heroes. Instead of everyone flanking focus fire would be more effective. Same thing with Winston. I have seen people play winston against her and she is a hard counter to him. Maybe try Roadhog. Seems like lack of game knowledge is contributing to her seeming OP.


Well, this is a good start, maybe in 6 months she will get second nerf.

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Yes because a 600HP Shield that keeps her safe and ready to deal a 70dmg Stun Combo every 5-7 seconds is not OP… I don’t think you realize how many Pro Overwatch players are agreeing that her Shield Bash is OP… I’m not gonna link you a bunch of clips of them saying it because I shouldn’t have to… anyone that isn’t brain dead knows Brigitte isn’t balanced for crap.

But I’ll say this, Shadder2k’s exact words:

“From what I’ve seen Brigitte is not a Support, she’s a Tank/Support/DPS all in one with the best of everything and no downsides.”

hence where all the agreements of nerfs are coming from.

Oh, and


Her stun does 50 damage.

Her whip shot (the knockback one) does 70.

Learn the character’s stats already. Its not hard to wiki it. In fact, here:

The wiki page.


I was talking about with the Combo which does even more… but Ok

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The combo does 155 damage total. During the downtime of the combo she does 58 DPS.

And if you pop that shield from range she cannot combo. As has been mentioned several times ever since she was put on the PTR then released.

Abuse her range disadvantage, use teamwork as necessary. She is strong only in her effective range, which is 6m.


They said they don’t to overnerf her. It’s better to see where smaller changes land her than just give her a huge nerf.

Winston can beat Brigitte but compared to the other tanks it is very precise conditions:

Winston must land his leap on brigitte and follow up with a punch. Doing so strips the armor layer of Brigitte off assuming she has not used rally and allows him to taser her like any other support since even with her burst combo she lacks the DPS to win.

If the armor layer is left intact then it gives almost 2 seconds of extra time to Brigitte, allowing her to combo Winston twice and win. The only way for Winston to win under that condition is to have a healer pocketing him.


Right, I get what you are saying but maybe Fitzy should stop playing sombra and maybe try a Junkrat breaking a shield. She is a great counter to Sombra. A 76, Roadhog and Junkrat spamming damage into a 600 HP shield is nothing. Whats a great way to counter an Orisa, spam damage, break the shield and attack. Same thing with Reinhardt. Its like everyone doesnt want to spam damage and flank all the time.


You are a Sombra Main.

Hack her.


People have only been complaining about the 5 second CD because that’s just easy pickings. They could make it a 60 second CD and people would still complain about how “oppressive” Brigitte is.

It’s not the cooldown that’s annoying, it’s the fact that her stun is tied to her shield, which means it’s a melee attack so there is no shielding from it, and she can use her shield for cover before, during, and after the stun to get in and out without taking damage. The problem is, it can get tricky to actually fix that. It’s really easy to either make her viable but too oppressive, or not oppressive simply because she isn’t viable. Blizzard’s going to have to tote a fine line with this one.

Also, as a side note, the bash does 50 damage. It’s the whipshot that does 70.


Ya, great breakdown. I just dont think it is worth the time and and effort to use a Winston against Brigitte. I would just rather spam her with Roadhogs weapon to death. Its like you are not going to use a Winston to attack a Bastion, why would you use him to attack a Brigitte.


Lets be honest everyone wants her cd to be 8-9 seconds or they just don’t want her to have a stun at all. We will continue to whine regardless when they’ve nerfed two of her strongest abilities now being sb with the 1 sec cd increase and the hitbox nerf + her ult. People will complain until she’s trash tier or not viable at all in a team setting.


Its not ideal, but its tactics that can be used if you are playing a match and the enemy team swaps to counter you until you or someone else can swap to counter the enemy choice.

In terms of the mixed style of dive we see at the pro level that would basically amount to Widowmaker popping Brigitte’s head every time she turns.


In an actual teamfight on a small objective your forced to play in her range, her flail reaches across the entire objective and all she has to do is take a few steps and shield bash to stun someone… there is no keeping your distance.

Saying “Just keep your distance” is like saying “Just click on her head LOOL” when Sombras Hack got buffed and was too easy to pull of and very unfun, It sounds easy and ideal but thats not how real games work.