Brigitte Repair Pack Changes


20 charcters lul.


Repair pack is the only other healing ability she has if she isn’t dealing damage.
Setting it to be a throwable item would be an issue since other teammates could accidently pick it up.
It would be a mess with a nerf concept like this to Brigitte.


Absolutely not. If anything, Repair Pack is one ability that deserves a buff. Best would be a shorter cooldown IMO.


Here is an amazing concept for you - not everything that hinders flankers is bad.


What is up with this guys logic?

Lets not have Brigette do damage + no longer able to heal?
What is left? Eye Candy?

His next thread is probably she has too much skin exposed and should fully cover up.


A buff to Repair Pack’s cooldown would make playing flankers even more of a tedious job. The pre-nerf effortless Shield Bash was most powerful when used to bully the enemy frontline, the current effortless Repair Packs are used to bully backline flankers by instantly healing targeted backline allies causing the enemy flanker to retreat for a few seconds. Six seconds already leaves a pretty small window to kill enemy backline targets, and any buff to Repair Pack’s cooldown would make Brigitte’s backline effectively invincible.

Many players only saw Shield Bash as the problem,

but it is not the only issue.

Shield Bash is not the only reason why so many players hate playing against Brig and before its nerf, it was much more annoying. The current Repair Pack is just as bad as pre-nerf Shield Bash. Shield Bash was an easy ability that could shut down so many things on the frontline with minimal effort, Repair Pack is the same because of how effortlessly and easily it shuts down enemy flankers in the backline with its powerful healing.

This Repair Pack rework is less of a nerf and more of a quality change for people playing against Brigitte, it balances the skill and effort requirement. It also allows Brig to give Repair Packs to allies she could not have saved without line of sight.

I agree with you, Brigitte should still be able to fend off flankers with an equal amount of skill and effort that flankers put into flanking.

the buff to RP pack that I would do is make it trigger inspire centered on the person who got healed by RP. That way you can heal your whole team outside of combat, and increases Brig’s over all healing.

Maybe it would be a weaker version of inspire like shorter duration or cant stack with regular inspire idk, but she needs something to let her heal more than one person every 6 seconds while out of combat - this would also allow her to play bodyguard with backline supports like ana without her just doing nothing most of the match

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Reducing her repair pack heal to 100 but decreasing its cooldown to 5 and make it activate inspire would be an ideal change for her. Makes her more supportive with heals.

I like this idea because it removes much of Repair Pack’s instant shut down potential and replaces it with spread out passive healing, it would require Brig players to peel for the backline in addition to using Repair Pack, instead of just turning around and instant healing their ally for 150HP and potentially 75 armor.

The cooldown for the Inspire Repair Packs might need to be increased a bit or the “Inspire” effect time of the Repair Pack should remain less than its cooldown so Brigitte cant stack inspiration on multiple allies.

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Make Brigitte less thicc!

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Tbh these healing changes arent as impactful as some believe. Her passive resets every time she hits an enemy, and it doesn’t stack. This means you will continually reset the passive and will be getting the same amount of healing most of the time. Imo the only time these changes will show is when the fight is over, even then the main healer can clean everything up. A change that (imo) would increase brigs effectiveness as a HEALER instead of a TANK would be to decrease the health and armor given from 75 each to 50 each, and move it to 4 sec cooldown. This would make it easier to play against her and increase her reliability. What do you guys think could make brig more impactful as a healer and less of a tank?

I think it is important for her to be effective as both a tank and a healer, the devs have stated that being a hybrid tank/healer was one of their visions for her.

The problems lie with how much some of her abilities do for each hybrid role for the amount of effort they require.

Inspire and Rocket Flail are okay right now since it is just a combat-triggered passive ability that helps keep her allies alive during team-fights in response to Brigitte entering combat with her Rocket Flail or Whip Shot.
This doesn’t require much effort which is okay because it has a subtle impact without the potential to shut down skill dependant attacks from enemy players.

Repair Pack is not okay right now because it is both low skill and very high impact. Notice how with Inspire and Rocket Flail, each is balanced with respect to the effort and skill the player needs to put into them. Inspire is a low effort and low skill ability with a subtle reward, Rocket Flail is low effort and low skill ability with a small range and forgiving damage.
Making Repair Pack either low skill with less impact or high skill with high impact would be a good start for balancing Brigitte’s hybrid roles.

Whip Shot is okay right now since it is a skill dependent CC ability that can be used to make space and defend allies. It requires skill and provides a larger impact.

Barrier Shield is perfect where it is, it takes me less than 10 seconds to break it as Tracer when I need to pressure Brigitte.
It is balanced to allow Brigitte to briefly flex onto a tank role when needed.

Shield Bash was broken but its changes have it in a good spot now. It was not appropriate for Brigitte to lethally punish flankers with minimal skill or effort. It also let her effortlessly make a ton of room on the front and effortlessly peel for allies in the back, these were high impact actions for a small skill requirement.
The changes to it require Brigitte to put more skill and planning into her offense on the frontline and defense on the backline.

I think that it is important for her to remain an effective support/tank hybrid. I also think that it is important for her abilities’ impact to be directly related to the amount of skill and effort they take.

But whip shot wasnt changed…

This really changes nothing about that interaction you mentioned…it just limits her abiltiy to actually kill them…

she could do all of this before…

i don’t think so…

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Would a few censor bars be too much to ask? Flankers are getting distracted.

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Whip Shot wasn’t changed, but the Inspire healing that is triggered by Whip Shot and Rocket Flail is increased now.

I mean sure but

How exactly does 1 second of duration…and 20 extra hp…encourage whip shotting more and justify the inability to kill

Because Brigitte is a support/tank hybrid, not a DPS hero. If she is going to be healing, getting kills, and acting like a tank, it all needs to require more effort, that is why Geoff Goodman’s changes encourage this. It is good for her to help her allies by peeling for her backline and fending off flankers with shield bashes and whip shots, but not for her to easily lethally punish enemy flankers with cheesy 1-shot combos.

The Shield Bash + Rocket Flail + Whip Shot 1-shot combo was a powerful and easy shutdown ability and her current Repair Pack is no different, that is why RP needs to change too.

I also want to add this quote to show an example of another player who thinks that Brigitte is supposed to be a low skill and high reward DPS/TANK/SUPPORT hybrid in order for her to be effective.

This hero is a support with the ability to briefly act as a tank to peel for allies. None of Overwatch’s supports should revolve around left clicking aimlessly and getting kills, using cheesy 1-shot combos on enemies, or spamming extremely powerful zero-aim healing abilities every six seconds. It is completely necessary for an ability’s required skill to be directly related to its impact.

Brigitte players cannot expect her to be powerful with no skill requirement. But they do expect this because they do not understand that all of those Tracer heads they bashed in with the cheesy 1-shot combo practiced Tracer for hours on end just to be met with that ability. They believe that they should be able to have the same power as those Tracer players without any of the effort it took to get that power. They are no different than the people who come onto these forums just to complain about belonging at grandmaster when they are in gold.

…zenyatta literally has a 260 damage combo. Potentially double that


While we are at it, you know what’s a low skill part of her character that makes things difficult for the enemies and requires minimal efforts? Her HP.

I understand that she needs armor because she is a Support/Tank hybrid but then why don’t we leave her with 50 Armor and no HP?