Incoming PTR Changes

(Geoff Goodman) #1

This post is to track further updates to the PTR as we make them. The following changes are planned for a PTR patch that will probably come on Monday.


  • Shield Bash
    • Damage reduced from 50 to 5
  • Inspire Passive
    • Cooldown reduced from 1.5s to 1.0s
    • Duration increased from 5s to 6s
    • Total healing increased from 80 to 100

Dev Notes: Reduces Shield Bash’s damage reduces her total stun combo damage potential while still allowing Whip Shot and her basic melee attacks to retain their full strength. Brigitte is a hybrid tank/healer, and lately we’ve been reducing her effectiveness by reducing the power of her non-healing functionality, but we want to make sure she is still a viable pick so we’re increasing the uptime of her Inspire passive to help increase her overall healing output.


  • Seismic Slam
    • Victims no longer lose air control while being pulled in.
  • Meteor Strike
    • Inner ring damage radius increased from 1.5m to 2.0m. This is the ring where Meteor Strike deals its full 300 damage.
    • Max damage outside of inner ring decreased from 300 to 200. This is the ring where damage falloff happens, which still reduces the damage down to 15 at max range.

Dev Notes: The PTR Doomfist changes are all about trying to give his enemies more opportunities to effectively fight back, and these changes are no exception. The Meteor Strike changes will make it harder to secure a “free” kill on heroes without mobility such as Zenyatta or Ana, while still preserving its max potential damage when aimed well or when combined with other abilities such as Graviton Surge or Sleep Dart.

Overall we’re looking carefully at the amount of crowd control abilities (such as stuns and knockbacks that remove air control) and seeing if we can remove or reduce some of the effectiveness of some of these. Any further changes to this PTR will be posted in this thread as well.

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(Bill Warnecke) #5

Hey folks, PTR build 53030 is now live which includes these changes. Cheers!

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