Brig no longer can combo Tracer


To be fair, for Plat and below you can just go Torb and make it really hard to run Tracer.


One of the most useless nerfs that had zero impact. Tracer didn’t even deserve this nerf. It was just the devs move to show they weren’t biased when it comes to Genji and Tracer. That’s also why they finally took some time to fix Genji’s deflect hitbox.


If it’s a smurf, it doesn’t matter who we’re talking about. If I get killed by a smurf on Symmetra, should we nerf her?

They aren’t force to retreat. They have enough HP to kill their target after the escape Brigitte’s range.


Overbuff says you’re gold (outdated data)
I’ve played from bronze to diamond and tracers aren’t a problem at all, the only time I’ve found a tracer being a problem is when a smurf is playing her I don’t understand how she’s always been a problem when in most elos she’s not an issue.


But tracer is known for beeing literally invencible in the right hands

I could probably switch to winston and beat a smurf sym for example,


The nerf is actually really strong against tracer. It really hard to kill tanks or get multi kills. Which means the amount of viable targets is much lower

Pretending your fighting GM level tracers is unrealistic she has a horrible to below average win rate until masters now


Still talking about Tracer right ? I don’t consider her OP but hard to counter but if you commit with your team, you can counter her. There are a lot of good Tracer mains in Diamond and Master so to me she can be a problem during a match, like any other hero. We just have to work as a team to deal with her.

Not impossible :slight_smile: !


if you cant hit the 90 hp target 3 times or the dive target cant deal 90 damage with brig before they 200-0 a target, especially with that wide swinging melee brig has, that’s on you.


Praise papa Jeff.

Brig’s 150HP + 75 armor insta-healing will still make her a pest though. But one thing at a time.


Under this logic, heroes like Widowmaker, Doomfist, Genji, Roadhog, Brigitte, Widowmaker, Moira, Torbjörn etc should all be nerfed because they can be invincible when played by players better than you.


On no! There is a key difference there, every hero you listed except Brigitte can be played by more than a sea cucumber.


That’s assuming they don’t use their mobility to escape Brigitte’s 5 meter range.


The inspire changes are nice, it makes her a better healer. The shield bash nerf is ridiculous though. 50 to 5? That’s really pathetic. 50 to 30 or 25 is more reasonable.


Brig still has a 110 damage combo, if anyone on your team puts in 40 damage she dies. This is fine and tracer won’t be dominant as she still has to watch for the stun.


You’re forgetting Recall.


meaning they have to run yes? and brig can just shield what they are trying to attack yes? meaning they’ve been countered yes?


Exactly. She can still get out of this. I suggest a total rework for Brig at this point where she can still use all her abilities to combo kill a Tracer, but just make the stun a skill shot


For the people complaining about tracer, it’s better than goats, literally the most braindead comp to have ever existed. Also tracer doesn’t fair too well against goats anyways.


That honestly makes her worse.


Shield bash comes back before recall does so you’ll be fine.