Brig no longer can combo Tracer


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So… hard counters are gone? Tracer is back. No Tracer nerfs in sight.

This will be a fun patch.

Brigitte Repair Pack Changes

she also can’t combo 200 hp heroes too or deal a lot of damage to 250 hp heroes
reaper isn’t screwed over by a support/tank hybrid ccing him to death over and over

realistically there’s usually at least one other person hitting the stunned target


Fine. But you can’t make this change without nerfing Tracer.

Tracer HAS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE a problem in this game until you nerf her


While ive taken every brig nerf so far in stride but this one officially makes her a pointless character, she has no place in any comp with her pathetic damage, anemic healing and complete lack of mobility.


brig still has her e and her ult though

just because her combo got nerfed doesn’t mean the rest of her kit isn’t still strong against tracer


No. She isn’t. Tracer has recall. A good Tracer will mop the floor with Brig now.


Now she is just good at nothing


Armor counters Tracer not the combo


I’am so happy i could cry. Thank you for everybody that fought for this.

Edit. Seems like I’am on my second account, oh well.


Good riddance to that broken combo :^)


Seriously, this.
80 healed over 5 seconds is 16hps, 100 over 6 seconds is 16.6667 hps, its not even a justified increase to make up for the complete removal of combo damage.

Brigitte is getting less and less value to take her into a team at all.


tracer can’t realistically oneclip brigitte to any consistent degree and her armor is still very good against her damage output

a discorded combo or a combo with literally one zenyatta orb or the tiniest bit of effort from your team will result in a dead tracer


If they’re doing his, then they should revert Shield Bash not going through barriers.


No. 50 damage, down to 5 damage. The combo will do like 110 damage.


No. The damage isn’t being reduced by 5, it’s being reduced to 5.


What? It is 50+70 as it is now according to the wiki, how on earth will it be 150 instead of 155?

It will be 70+5 which makes it 75 lol.


it means the combo did 105 damage not 150


you have to add a melee, but yeah it still doesn’t oneshot tracer


I know. I had to reread it like 5 times to make sure I was reading it right. I was like… there is no way. Typo? Nope… just totally no idea what he is doing.


She isn’t a problem on the ladder. Only in pro play.


This is a completely unnecessary change to her and makes her not be able to counter anything at all reliably, no one shots on squishies, zou could just as well at least make her stun go though shields again… She is getting more useless now.