How to balance Brigitte: a Support with Tank utility



  • 150 HP + 50 armor (down from 250 HP)
  • (effective total HP: 200HP + 500 Barrier = 700 HP)

Barrier Shield

  • 500 HP
  • 150 shield per second, after being down for 1 second (up from 2 seconds)

Rocket Flail

  • 30 damage (down from 35)

Repair Pack

  • Cooldown: 4 seconds (down from 6)
  • Healing: 100 health (down from 150 health)
  • Overheal: Up to 50 max armor (down from 75)
  • Range: 40 meters (up from 30)
  • Projectile Speed: 75 (up from 30)

Whip Shot - STUN (now has the stun effect removed from Shield Bash)

  • Range: 12 meters (down from 20)
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds (up from 4)
  • Damage: 80 (up from 70)
  • Projectile Speed: 60 (up from 40)
  • Stun: 0.8 second stun (down from 1)
  • Animation: wind up animation/cast time is twice as fast

Shield Bash - UTILITY/MOVEMENT (now has the knockback effect removed from Whip Shot)

  • Cooldown: 4 seconds (down from 6)
  • Damage: 55 (up from 50)
  • Range: 7 meters (up from 6)
  • Shield Bash can no longer go through barriers, instead it will connect/damage the enemy barrier


  • Range: 12 meters (up from 8)
  • 40 armor every 1 second (up from 30) 100 max per player
  • Total armor: 400 over 10 seconds (up from 300)
  • Duration: armor lasts for 20 seconds after Rally ends (down from permanent)
  • Movement speed: +15% (down from +30%)


  • Rocket Flail, Repair Pack, Whip Shot and Shield Bash all trigger Inspire
  • Inspire now has a yellow circle around Brigitte to show radius to allies like Lucio
  • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds (down from 1.5)
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Radius: 15 meters (down from 20)
  • Inspire healing: 100 HPS over 5 seconds
    • 20 HPS on allies (up from 16HPS)
    • 10 HPS on self (down from 16HPS)

IMO, these changes would really balance Brigitte and focus her more around being a Support with minor Tank utility and also give other players more room to counter play her stun as Whip Shot can be blocked by Barriers

Brig no longer can combo Tracer
The fundamental problem with Brigitte

This right here. The biggest issue with this game is that there is literally no relation between a character’s value and their difficulty. This means you could get a very skillful player doing less than a low skill player, but the lowskill player could do better since they are on an easier hero.


I really wonder what’s going to happen after gravdragons isn’t a problem anymore.
I’m affraid we’ll enter a Brigitte meta once Trans isn’t a necessity anymore.
Brigitte’s winrate is still disprortionately higher than the other supports.


Don’t bother, they never actually read here.
Good ideas though, well thought out.

Also Inb4 BIDF


Now would be the time to change her on the PTR with all the other support changes.


They gave her a nerf specifically because of her winrate.
Really, it’s alarming.


I don’t really think it was the right change either. Like… I dont think it will make too much of a difference.


I’d put the cooldown on 10 seconds personally.
Brigitte is already really tanky, and is meant to be a support/tank hybrid.
Not a tank/support/DPS hybrid.

That stun combo deals 190 damage.


YAS! Preach!

Omg. Ive been saying this to my friends FOREVER! Its totally backwards. Yes a million times over!


Shieldbash does everything Flashbang does times 2.
Except for a minor range difference. And McCree is an actual dps hero.



Like… how do they not see that as a problem.


okay I have to admit, I saw the title and I immediately judged you as Brigitte hater. I don’t think she’s that unbalanced as she is, she’s just strong in her niche, which is why she has such a low pick rate. However, I see a potential for her to be less niche with these suggestions. The Whip Shot stun would help keep enemies at a distance, and she would still have her combo (albeit in a different order) so she could still counter Tracer. Swapping the effects of shield bash with whip shot would reduce her dueling capability against non squishies. This nerfs in all the right spots and gives the right buffs to make her the perfect support. And making all of her skills proc inspire would increase her healing to be above F-tier.


Dont get me wrong. I ADORE Brigitte. I have gold for her. I have gold for every Support.

But when I play her, even I feel like Im cheating sometimes. I want to play Brigitte and actually fill the Support role and have some Tank utility to help my team.

I still want to have my combos to deal with pesky flankers too!


I have 2 problems with this concept

  1. IMO Brigitte is perfect as she is

  2. The combo does 170 damage. With damage boost or discord orb it would be 221. So 1 more hit will be enough to kill a Reaper, a Mei or an other Brigitte (if still damage boosted).


Well… I mean, you could certainly tweak the damage numbers a little if you wanted to make sure the damage wasn’t through the roof.

The combo should be 150 damage minimum though


Her combo deals 190 damage.


that’s the point though. it’s important that Brigitte be able to counter flankers. 170 damage is enough to take out a tracer, and if she’s being damage boosted or the enemy is being discorded, that’s 2v1 and they should die.


Yea. I agree. I think she should still have enough damage to deal with people like Genji or Sombra who sit at 200HP


Then shield bash should sit on a 20s cooldown.
Not a second less. Brigitte isn’t meant to be a DPS.


No. She isn’t. But she is suppose to be able to have some DPS to deal with flankers. If that means longer cooldowns so it can’t be abused, then so be it.