Brig gets 0.667 more hps


support isn’t just healing. when she stuns and knocks back things off of what they are attacking she is supporting them.

Due to common damage numbers, +1 health/second will make an additional instance of non-tick damage required for death. Her or her teammates dying in 4 shots instead of 3, or 3 instead of 2, is a huge deal against certain (quite a few, actually) heroes.
It isn’t the flat numbers that need to be examined. It’s the damage instance amount.

except mercy and lucio. (since they are frail)

but again brig shouldnt of ever had high combo dmg. she was a tank/support. not a tank/support/dps.

her managing to keep it this long is a miracle.

No, that would be too logical.

Ana’s sleep usually ends your life if you’re not a tank, so i guess it counts as more than 50 dmg?

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Brigitte doesn’t get any extra hps. Blizzard just rounded to 80 and 100 to make it seem like it was increased.

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Well I can’t claim to know what goes on in ranked. Maybe there people actually work as a team. In qp, anytime I land a sleep dart they’re woken up by random stray fire and just get away :frowning_face:

There doesn’t actually have to be. It’s a tired excuse to try and justify poor balancing.

There is literally no point of picking Brigitte outside of goats now.
Lucio is better in every way possible.
With her shield bash ability nerfed to the ground, as soon as goats is out of the meta, tracer and genji’s unstoppable rampage is going to come back.


I agree. He can heal for about the same amount, but endlessly and without having to do damage to heal. Plus he can boop on a shorter cooldown.

I agree.

It’s one thing if a hero naturally lands in F tier due to their mechanics. I don’t expect Bastion to every truly be viable so long as he’s based around Sentry Mode, and I don’t expect a (balanced) Ana to be viable in Dive when everything counters her. Though it doesn’t mean Blizzard shouldn’t try to balance them of course.

But deliberately sending heroes to F tier should be unacceptable. Blizzard aren’t even trying to balance Brig or Doomfist with these changes, they’re just straight up gutting them.

And this isn’t coming from a position of bias. I don’t play Brig and as someone who has Ana and Zen in their top 3 played in competitive, I’m naturally not gunna be a fan of Doomfist.


Welcome to Dive 2 Elective Boogaloo, because that’s what will likely happen when you make the hard counter to the play-style team-reliant and with just a bit more healing.

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I agree but I feel like the amount of armor added may become a problem on top of the increased heals…

whether it’s 5 or 10 or 15… etc doesn’t matter that much as it only had to be less than 45 to no longer kill Tracer in a combo [?]

PERSONALLY I’d love to let Brig be in dumpster tier a while. She deserves it after what she has done to the game.

I agree she deserves more healing, but in no way is dropping shield bash damage a bad thing.

Cut the amount of healing… so… literal new Mercy?

Lucio has far better mobility for an AOE healer and has consistent healing even when not engaged . Mercy Has FAR better triage capability and once again needs no engagement to start her healing.
The only thing she does better than those two is take hits.

opinions differ on what her combo really was capable of, but she’s most definitely NOT capable of shoring up poor DPS anymore. Someone dives the backline she can only live and call for help because she’s not gonna drive anyone off who’s half competent at cooldown management.
Yay teamwork I guess but I’m going to miss covering the backline and keeping the frontline solid.


Exactly if they were genuine about making her more heal/support, then give her a lot more defense or support. They just use that as a false flag to nerf her hard. Then when they revert with net nerf, they will try to PR spin it as a “buff” when it’s still three step backwards, one step forward. No more good goats comps, no more hard counters to Tracer or non stop flankers.

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yeah…lets ignore fact she also has a hard cc…

She does though previous was 80 / 5 = 16HPS now its 100 / 6 = 16.667 HPS. Now unless they round down, she does infact get an HPS increase an almost useless amount but an increase.