Brig gets 0.667 more hps


I would have vastly preferred they keep the healing the same, or even reduce it, but made it a higher HPS.

Like, 80 HP over 4 seconds (20 HP/s) would be vastly superior to 100 HP over 6 seconds. This would give her and her teammates a better chance of surviving incoming damage.

Her Shield Bash should also do at least 10 damage. With the current proposed changes, Brigitte needs 4 swings plus a Whip Shot to kill somebody, regardless of if she uses Shield Bash or not. A 10 damage Shield Bash would at least let using her cooldown reduce the number of swings it takes to kill somebody. As it is, Brigitte’s TTK is actually faster if she opts not to bash them, since she’s not wasting time using the bash.


you do realize that brigs ability to one shot tracer isnt the biggest reason she counters her. it brigs ability to burst heal tracers targets and her armor making her job alot harder. and her pulsebomb unable to one shot. also she still forces tracers recall which means that tracer still needs to be just as careful around her.


which now stops on shields and does little to no damage. I remember the stun. but it just contributes to survivability now in a weird way. You get another second to yell for help basically. Or maybe cancel a dangerous skill. Yes this is helpful if a reaper jumps into the back line to ult. But she still just lives longer than the other supports. She does the support job worse.


Doesnt Baguette yell “I LOOOVE Team MEI!” ? oO I dont even know why she yells that when ulting because she doesnt know Mei at all?


so ignore the actual effect of stunning, canceling ults, stopping mobile heroes in their tracks?

ALL cc should do little dmg. as the moments of hard CC gives your team PLENTY of time to deal free dmg to em.

and attacks / CC hitting shields should always be blocked w/o having their CC applied.

sombra cant hack through a shield, mei’s MB! doesnt effect you through shield, junks satchel charge doesnt deal knockback vs a shield…see my point here?

all forms off CC should require hitting side or back to have effect.

a shield blocks stuff after all.


if you would read more than one line I acknowledged it had it’s uses. The problem is that it was a cooldown she could use for damage, now it’s ONLY for stun. She has been greatly reduced in threat and in doing so in effective backline control.

So all CC. Reins charge needs to stop at a shield, hook needs to be done from the side or back, WB shouldn’t be able to go through a shield… sounds like you already have some inconsistencies. And a shield should block all melee and weapon fire since shields block stuff after all.


hook, afaik, doesnt go throguh shields…so idk what ur sayign there.

rein charge would be iffy. it has 2 varied views.
a) its a massive object moving at a fast speed.
b) it is a unique CC “pinned” which i am guessing would run by its own rules (also its buggy as heck as at times it will knock ppl out of the way and not actually pin them even if it hits u clearly)

his ult CC is even blocked by walls/barriers (and its basically a massive brig shield bash)

WB should in the sense its his actual body moving through it. it isnt an activated skill. now if u mean his knockup then i do agree it shouldnt (does it?) efefct anyone behind the shield if done in front of it.

(now mind u i’d also be for walls/barriers blocking passage like mei’s wall but thats another story)

afaik only things they “cant” block are moira orbs and symn orbs (did this get changed in her rework?)

every other attack can’t go through it and just damages the shield.


I wouldn’t mind there being a buff to repair pack or to her passive as a nice trade off to the damage loss to bash.
Like it’s hard enough to deploy repair pack for some burst healing. Plus they could go ahead and reduce the healing to ONLY Brigitte, but buff the healing to her teammates only.
It’s sound fair yes?


For hook:

ALL melee attacks go through shields. Winstons gun too. Try it sometime. Rein backing away with no health? Hit V. Shield bash stopping on shields is a big inconsistency too since it’s technically the whole body of the hero going through the shield.


totally forgot about the ape. my bad.

and how many heroes use melee attacks?

this would be fixable rather easy by making momentum stop moment shield attack hits the enemy shield.
as the shield DOES encounter it before the actual body.


Every single hero in the game has a melee attack and nearly every good pressuring player I’ve ever played against uses it to stack on that last little tick and finish you off since it’s instant 30 damage. The only people that this is different on are the actual melee characters like Rein and Brigitte. Their melee’s are always their primary weapons. Watch good genji players and you’ll see the 2nd sword come out very often.

And your fix is still inconsistent since it’s a shield going through another shield and shouldn’t interact if all interactions are to be held to the same standard. Also by that standard wrecking ball would again be made blockable since he’s using momentum for his attacks. And Doomfist too.


the punch isnt that big an issue as if thats what they are doign the rein’s team can easily wreck them from safety (and all healers, even lucio, can out heal punches damage.)

how would it not fix the issue?
im saying a shield attack hittign a shield defense would negate any added efefct and just do the damage to shield and also (like in brigs case) stop the momentum so it doesnt launch her behind the shield but stops her AT it.

momentum isnt an issue as WB is unique in his is NOT an activated skill.
DF’s RP is momentum, but it ALSO is activated.

WB’s is tied passively to his movement speed. it isnt activated on demand in way DF’s is.


I can attest to this when I fight Rhien as any character and he’s low and resorted to trying to bide time behind his shield I will melee him every time. Do the same thing to Brigitte when she tries the same.


You cannot demand consistency and then claim “except when it doesn’t seem like a big issue”. Melee attacks are a constant source of damage in many battles and saying they won’t matter because at a shield line your team should be shooting them anyway is saying that all non-frontline interactions don’t happen or just don’t matter

Your arguments are inconsistent.

We’re also veering very far off track. The important part of the game is Balance and Fun. I’d say balance first really but it’s arguable either way if you can have a crappy character who’s still fun for most people but usually balance and entertainment value go hand in hand.

Removing her damage relegates her to a Survivable healer. Which is alright and can probably be managed but as far as balance she is a poor substitute for any other healing in the roster and the utility of her stun does not make up for losing a third of her damage. She needs further healing compensation if they’re going to pigeon hole her. Otherwise there are far better characters to fill that precious 1/6 slot.


Her passive healing is already nearly identical to Lucio’s heal aura.


It’s requires hits to activate, Is time limited and less healing. So no.
Nobody want’s a duplicate of lucio with crappy movement.


what other healer does cleave damage with her main attack?
Her passive is what? 16 hp/s with any atatck barring her shield bash.

has a burst heal ontop of armor and a shield that matches Rein’s in durabiltiy (but is smaller)

and yes, she will lose dmg…BUT she still is a support with a short cd stun thats easy to land. Sure, she might not be as good at 1v1ing anymore but shes designed to be durable support…not a dps.
she is still helping team with the stun and abiltiy to block ults like bomb/riptire/etc.

her ult is one of the more offensive ones for support role.

.25 hp/s less…

and yes, her lasts 5sec…reset for EVERY attack landing barring stun…which with her durability and on demand health pack…means she can keep it up and in raneg of rest of melee team easier than lucio can.

Yes, brig WILL be weaker, but she is in way “obsolete”.
She still brigns much to a fight. If you can nto see this I am sorry.


Cleave in a 6 meter range. Bringing her INTO the fight and likely taking damage herself. She is the only healer that has to stick herself IN the fight to be effective and NEEDS her health and armor.

7 Seconds is not short. It used to be short but it’s now possible maybe 2 times an engagement at best. It’s also going to be gummed up by shields since it needs a direct LoS to be used. Blocking ults? I’ve seen Brigitte save 1 person from bomb ults: herself. One pixel sticking out from behind her one shield and you die. It’s like depending on mei’s IB (not wall) to shield you. Possible but very unadviseable.

Offensive is attack. She is not attack. It is useable by attack heroes but is in no way offensive. It deals NO damage.

.25 hp/s less, NOT boostable, requires LoS (lucios goes through walls). Heals less.
Activatable every OTHER swing after the “buff” (it does have a cooldown) and not an aura. People need to be in LoS NOT behind an enemy barrier at time of activation. She cannot activate and walk up to people. They get nothing.

I never said she brought nothing at all , just nothing that another hero cannot do better. She has a place after the nerf, but it’s severely limited and generally fillable by other characters.


kind of how she was designed…also lucio also has to be in fightto heal…so not only one in that restriction.

still short…and it is a STUN. they are extremely powerful using it so often would be oppressive.

long as u pay attention its nearly 100% safe. not saying you SHOULD, but its easily do-able.

yeah… it boosts armor…meaning your team can initiate a fight. Not ALL offensive ults do direct dmg in of themselves.

she has burst healing cd on top of passive healing. Not saying you’d take her over a lucio if u need aoe healing. (lucio kind of does need a reasonto get picked afterall) just saying you are blinding yourself to the actual benefits she brigns and focusing on only down sides which arent that major in the long run…especially since she has unmatched durability for supports (and best burst heal skill that isnt an ult).

what other hero brigns armor?
hard cc? (tranq is only other cc and is easy to avoid and breaks on dmg and on a longer cd)
fight on a payload vs enemies like reaper and junk?


From the way you talk about her and don’t seem to understand the challenges that playing her presents (junk is actually a counter of hers and fighting him is toe to toe is a super bad idea) or how she actually works, I’m going to suggest you try her now, and after the nerf and then ask “why am I playing this character over someone else?”.

Her “burst” is to one person every 6 seconds. Her ULT is armor , the repair pack armor expires quickly and the pack is better saved to try and heal. Her “hard” CC is 1 second vs 5 seconds and very VERY limited range.

I’m focusing on what they’re currently doing to her. I won’t STOP picking her sometimes but it’s sure gonna give the rest of my team a lot more ammo and reason to question “why are you brigitte?, go lucio we need heals” “go DVA, we need an actual offtank with damage” … I’m not looking forward to it. She was a great asset, possibly overpowered (oh god just let it go and don’t argue… ) and nerfs to adjustment have to happen but she’s getting absolutely gutted with very little compensation in any other area. I’m personally of the opinion the “no going through shields” nerf should have been enough to gather info. BUt she’s going straight from supposed OP teamtaker, to “maybe pick someone else.”