Brig gets 0.667 more hps


So you take away NINETY PERCENT of the damage from her bash, and in return increase her heals by literally less than 1 per second? If you want here to be more of a support shouldn’t you maybe increase her ability to, you know, support? :thinking:


If her own self sustain gets too high than she really will be able to love ten men like her enemy ult call says.


I hate Brig, but I actually kinda agree.
I’d be okay with them giving her more healing in exchange for her damage tbh.

I’d much rather have Brigitte focused on supporting and healing her team than have her be the monstrosity of a character she has been for the last few months.


Well now she can’t do anything about tracer anymore. Sure the team might help if they’re lucky. 5 other people have exactly 1 second to realize tracer is stunned, aim at her and kill her. Otherwise, Brig’s only role is to watch the Tracer recall and come back at full health to do it all over again.


Oh sorry. I wasn’t really giving an opinion. I just love tossing out how her enemy ult line sounds like " I love ten men."


Yeah I’d be fine with that. But right now she’s being made useless. Not even able to stop that Tracer nobody else can catch. And she was never much of a healer. Basically a Lucio that every few seconds can toss an armor pack that tells the flankers to go for someone else.


She is very VERY situational now with the PTR build. She brought very little dependable healing before.
Now she’s a survivable half support.

She’s approaching “everyone else can do my job better” land.


Agreed. I mean if they gave her a reasonable amount of healing to compensate, it would be ok. What does she provide now? An ult and random single target decaying armor between ults?


DPSwatch 2018. Enjoy the year long wait (minimum 2 months for 2019, plus probably another indefinite number of months, with mostly DPS and maybe tanks added) for another support to be added now that we’re -1.


Why don’t they just round it up an make it 20hp/sec for her teammates and 16hp/sec for herself


People asked for changes… but we got ashe, and some dps buffs AND lost the shield penetration and now lost about a third of her combo damage. Someone in the decision booth is either very specific about where they want Brigitte or very shortsighted. I guess I gotta play it for myself to see how it feels but it doesn’t SOUND very good.


Sadly it seems the #deletebrig cult won. I should start #deletetracer since they got her counter deleted


Mybe #nerfTracer XD?


Maybe they could cut armor pack CD by half, and its healing as well, while keeping the armor converting the same. That would make her healig more interactive, and would be still a good counter to Tracer with all that armor.


As a neutral thinking player towards brig I think the nerf is too much and with too little to compensate.


She’s not deleted, but she’s pretty low tier now. Gotta be something special to juice enough utility out of that to make it count. Who knows, maybe it won’t go live at quite that level.


Nah it has to be delete. I’ve never seen any other hashtag get an ability reduced to 10% of what it was before.


She also gets a higher inspire uptime?


I like that idea. So many times I go to heal one person and another gets in the way :confused: it would be nice if she could actually be a reliable healer, since she can no longer stop Tracer. Every hero should have some use.


Ok, now I can’t unhear that. Damn it BraveHearted!! :joy: