Brig gets 0.667 more hps


Let’s completely ignore the fact it’s also triggering 33% more often.


Yes, let’s ignore it, because it doesn’t stack and doesn’t change a thing.


when will people understand that it’s actually one second more. They didn’t buff how much she heals, they buffed how long inspire lasts and how frequentily it procs.
That is a net gain in aoe heals.
Also, the bash is still the most powerful stun in the game. It comes out super fast and lasts one full second.
It’s just that now she does what she was supposed to do: protect the backline from flankers. She is still good at it, she’s just not the 1v1 monster that with her own existance counters half of the roster.
Don’t forget that countering isn’t just “killing in 1v1”. Brig has pretty strong aoe, is hard to burst down and has armor giving capabilities.

Oh, it changes when people enter later in her range. Inspire only gives aoe to does that were in range when it procs. If she procs it, then you enter in her range, you won’t get heals for another 1.5 seconds.


this is all and good but what YOU dont understand is that people are gonna play brig more defensively now that she’s not offensive as before

so a defensive brig is a no healing brig, no melee, no heal - they shoulda reduced the cooldown on her armor/heal ability

no matter what she was designed to be an upfront brawler for team heals but she cant do that all now that she cant bypass shields and is more passive so she wont get herself killed

in other words no heals


I wish there was a way to trigger Inspire on her own like Lucio’s amp it up aura.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Brigitte will never be a viable “healing” support outside of brawl / GOATs composition due to the fact that she has to hit another enemy to trigger Inspire even working.

I think this is where Blizzard needs to actually work Brigitte and make her the DEFENSIVE healer she was meant to be.

She could specialize in AoE healing aura like Lucio but instead of speed boost as her extra utility she has damage mitigation in the form of armor and shielding others.


Still better than mercy interactive-wise.


I always thought she was announcing she was a fan of Mei



the only thing that truly changed is the shield bash, which has the same range of the melee attack.
The only nerf was on the bash, her other abilities are still strong. Simply put, she won’t be stunning rein ultra easily and she won’t win pretty much every 1v1.
Don’t forget that whip shot triggers inspire too and that hasn’t changed.

If i had to put something, that’d be make it so that shield bash triggers inspire too.


The problem with brig is she was a terrible design from the get go.

She is going to get the mercy treatment. She will probably end up trash tier. Simple truth is brig needs a full rework.


So you want her to outlast all 1v1 more than she already does?


She already healed 16.6667 health per second. Blizzard just doesn’t like decimal places. I’d like her inspire healing to be increased to 20hps.


So you really want her to win any 1v1 that is not against Pharah?



she presses ult she counters tracer

she holds up her shield and she counters tracer

wanna know why? because if tracer gets stunned she dies, brig travels 50 miles under a 500 hp shield that brig can self heal under while also having a samll hitbox and 250 hp to boot

Tracers have to play further away when brig is there which means you are already countering her by existing because further range = lower dps
also brigs E makes anyone win a 1v1 vs tracer if her recall was wasted


wow it’s almost like the last patch was aimed at making her less effective.


But sleep last for 6 seconds. Bash lasts for like less than 1.5. it’s not really comparable.


sleep dart has to be aimed, bash doesn’t.


I predict that if the proposed changes go live in their exact form, then people are going to start complaining about the lack of options in the support class.

And Ana mains, you’d better be ready to be the next target of the forum’s hive mind. They got Mercy, they got Brig…you’re next, I fear. :persevere:


And if they don’t even play a tracer, well why bring Brig?


I mean you are also spreading false info. Brig doesn’t travel 50 miles and (compared to Tracer and several other supports) has a larger hitbox. This said, Brig is still an issue to Tracer, but now the scales are less tipped in Brig’s favor.

Just saying, be careful what you say.