Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

Howdy, folks!

We hope everyone has been enjoying themselves playing and keeping up with the Overwatch 2 Beta! We’ll have more in-depth updates next week, but there are a few things we wanted to address before then.

Symmetra’s Teleporter range has not been reduced as stated in the initial patch notes. The decision to keep her range came in pretty close to the beta, but her Teleporter range remains the same as it was prior to the beta at 30. This is now reflected correctly in the patch notes.

We’ve seen some feedback and thoughts on Mercy’s Guardian Angel changes, and this is something we plan to address next week. There will be updates to this ability in an upcoming mid-cycle patch.

Finally, we wanted to be completely transparent about when we’ll be patching the beta. Due to some tech limitations, it’s going to take a little longer before we can work in our planned changes across all platforms. However, there will be a mid-cycle patch including changes to Mercy and Moira.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to look for community feedback, so please keep sharing your thoughts with us.

Thank you for being a part of this testing phase and GLHF!


I really hope you’re aware of how terrible she feels as well. Unnecessary compensation nerfs that made her perform even worse than before.

Just letting you know. :heart:


Remove Pharah. :slight_smile: Yeah thats pretty much it. :smiley:


Thanks for the update. Hoping to provide some feedback and bug reports, but console players can’t access beta forums. Posting in General and regular Bug forum for now.


Are we all ready to bury Moira next to Mercy next week in the same grave? C’mon Blizz, gut the last support you haven’t ruined! I can’t wait :heart_eyes:


Symmetra buffs?

Oh, never mind, there was a nerf that wasn’t implemented properly.


Seems a bit tone deaf to not comment on the overwhelming negative feedback regarding Symmetra’s nerfs


Thank you for communicating with us so much during these beta phases. It ensures us that you truly are listening to our feedback.


It seems you didn’t read the rest. They decided to not implement it at all, but the patchnotes didn’t get updated in time.


Maybe you shouldve read the next sentence


So will symmetra get mid-cycle patch changes too or will she remain where she is for now?


That would be like touching a landmine lol. I would be cautious about it too. At least they’re back on the forums and it’s not like Sym threads aren’t everywhere right now.

I’m curious when a beta update will be.


Unfortunately, I didn’t pay $40…so not yet.


I am actually enjoying the super jump/GA change, but not the abuse that people are doing with it where they are able to spam it every .5-1 second. IF possible can we have a toggle so that people can keep using it and those that don’t can go back to the old one? It feels really nice once I got the hang of it and its so much nicer when you know its 100% reliable in combat. It allows me to play like I played Medic in TF2,: Where I could focus on other aspects of gameplay and was able to move based on memory of surroundings.

Also the toggle would be nice to test both side by side with the change to angelic wings.


Let’s take a look at this

I think tracer should eventually get a 2 tier charge pulse bomb. First charge is 250dmg and if you save up another full charge it will do 500. This way it makes her ULT management more strategic for the teams she plays against.

Been suggesting this for a long time, but I think to secure a kill with a single charged bomb you absolutely should need to stick it. The 250dmg on first charge makes this the case… Then if you so choose, you can save up an entire 2nd charge and wiff a more forgivable one for 500.

Anyway… Hope you are listing.


or just as (if not more concerning) DF’s nerfs.

the worst niche heroes both got nerfed in a game thats leaving them behind.


so she kills any non tank with half charge needed?

we dont need 2x as frequent ults that can’t be played against.


No worries. it is only 40 bucks to have the privilege.


yes really enjoying not being able to play the game. it really makes me excited to wait 5 monthys