Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team

Sym belongs in the support class. That experiment was awesome. She is totally useless in today’s overwatch.

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Defense matrix buff… tease

please, give me a sign Jodie! Is there any plans to increase the length??


Are there any plans to address the Paraiso issue? It’s difficult to get a game there despite it being enabled now, but still. The map is basically 100% high ground for the defense, and 100% chokepoint for the attackers. Point A is the worst offender because you have zero alternate flank options and are forced to go under the bridge next to the bus. Points B and C give flank options, but because of how much natural cover there is for defense, they just slightly reposition themselves and suddenly you’re pushing yet another choke angle in to the defense. It’s insane. Point C/destination is the only one that lets attackers gain proper high ground & allows them better natural cover, but that only comes in right at the end.

If nothing is done about Paraiso, and it does indeed make it in to live as a hybrid map as it is now, it WILL be removed from competitive almost immediately. It’s worse than if you were to combine Horizon, Paris, and Hanamura all in to a singular map.

I also wanna chime in for my fellow mercy & symmetra sisters and kindly ask that they be heavily re-examined. Mercy seems like you’re paying attention to the feedback, but Symm is… Yikes.



The community feels this change has made Overwatch worse


Hi? Was the change to armor a bug or intentional?

Ooh, does this mean they are gonna patch PC as soon as possible, instead of waiting a week or two for the console certification process.

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I don’t think you read it right… She already has a 350 pulse damage. I’m proposing to nerf that to 250, meaning you have to stick it to get a reliable kill, but then you can also keep charging it until a 2nd full gauge. Which will double it. Making it more forgiving.

I’m asking for them to make tracer more fun to play… the first charge she already has is needed… But if you continue to charge it which will take 2x the damage and time… you can use it in a more forgiving way.

Allowing her some more strategy, but also requiring more skill if you want to wiff the 1st level pulse around… You absolutely must stick it or you probably won’t get a kill with it.


The Symmetra negative feedback has been far greater than Mercys… So why are y’all not addressing that as well?! The character is literally unplayable…

It’s not placebo, the character feels like complete trash and is even worst than she was…

Her gun needs to be buffed… The primary and the alternate fire need so much attention it’s not even funny. She deals less dmg than support heros!


I really wish they’d just rework Symm into a support.

She needs a rework, and we need SOMETHING to keep support players engaged.


Definitely having fun, if it’s possible could we get some visual indicators on Junker Queen’s Carnage swing? Maybe having something like Doomfist’s old Seismic Slam how it had a triangle decal on the ground. Considering the fact that she has an 11 second cool-down and a wind-up, I’d at least like to judge where I can hit it.

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What changes are coming to Moira?

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Thanks for acknowledging the Mercy feedback, I really hope the changes are good because the current implementation is awful.


I figure they will get around to it when she gets more buffs.

If it were me I’d do


  • Can only teleport 1 prexisting sentry (A nerf)
  • 120/150/180 damage ramp on primary fire
  • Convert the primary fire charge level mechanic to be based on damage dealt
  • Alternate fire damage also increases charge level
  • Increased charge level gives alternate fire faster charge-up and more damage

This is not how you should be addressing the overwhelming negative feedback for symm. But then again you guys admitted you don’t really care what the forums say so I guess we’ll wait for your data to tell you she’s not good. Again. Like how it’s been since 2.0 got changed.


“Guardian Angel’s cooldown has been increased from 1.5s to 5s”

“we felt that Guardian Angel was being used too often for super jumping so to make it less problematic we increased the cooldown. hopefully this will help balance mercy”


Hopefully the next patch will also include a ton more people, instead of the majority being ppl who paid $40


For the beta can we fix the lighting and motion controls? Since some people have reported having headaches and motion sickness due to all the lighting on maps, weapons and abilities as well as the movements of characters when getting pushed/pulled myself included. There’s just a lot on screen and it would make sense to fix this issue so people can enjoy playing without having physical malaise and would help the player base in general with not so much going on in general when trying to play a match.


Add in:

  • For each increased level, max charge time is reduced on the secondary fire.

I say this because it is messed up for a projectile that does less damage than a Pharah Rocket & Junkrat primary fire & they continue to increase the time required to fully charge Sym’s Orbs, effectively reducing her Damage per Second, on top of the direct nerf of the damage of her Secondary Fire.

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Please for the love of god get rid of the glow and excessive post-processing that you can’t turn off. It’s completely pointless, tacky and just screams arbitrary change because it’s “a sequel.”


I don’t want to be THAT guy but I find this slightly distasteful considering a lot of us are waiting for an invite.