The next Sym rework

She should be added into the tank category.

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Reworking Sym into the tank category will not make her a tank.

It will make her into a goddess.


This could actually be good. Like Armor from X-Men.

And she will put everyone in their place.


What Symmetra need is a handful defend skill (like Brig or Orisa) or greatly increase her HP. If not, then just move her to the support role.

I know these tank sym people are (mostly…hopefully?) Joking but I would honestly hate playing her as a tank.

I’d rather play her as a support, and I am a dps sym supporter

Nah there wont be another rework, they gave up on her.

I highly doubt Blizzard will rework her since they’ve done it twice already. It’s just fun to think about.

That being said, I still want a Support Doomfist.

the outcry at the moment is pretty intense. I don’t think the devs have a choice. The only issue is it won’t be ready until next year if at all.

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Yet Blizz won’t even acknowledge that they made a terrible changes that lead up to this outcry!

I never seen multiple gaming news site report about Symmetra being nerfed to the ground (sorry the forums wont allow me to post linked article but feel free to search them)
and seeing symm players and none symm players agreeing that these changes where horrible. ( this forums are usually anti symm mains telling them to stop crying ) but not this time.

Yet in their latest post, the only thing they addressed is that they had a typo of the range of her TP in patch notes lol. Are they tone deaf or something ?!


Why don’t they work with the community on this one. There’s some really good ideas floating about but the devs just keep getting her wrong time and time again … which is bizarre as the fixes are so obvious

Honestly i dont know either
I guess an obvious simple solution is so hard for them to grasp, they always seem to not listen and went into “their way of things” most of the time.

Im still hoping that even tho they didnt adressed her problems directly that they would revert and change some of the horrible changes they did.

Million dollar company.

Dollar store level game development.

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