Upcoming "mid-cycle"? patch

When would be the “mid-cycle”?

Tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tomorrow aka would be more the middle…

And Tuesday… isn’t July 4.

(Aka if I recall this ends July 8.)

(Just before I see Thor.)

Hopefully tomorrow

Realistically tuesday

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This game is really good at ruining it’s image if it’s tuesday.

What does this even mean

reread: Beta Week One: Comments from the Overwatch team - General Discussion - Overwatch Forums (blizzard.com)

Yes I know about the mid patch, I mean what does this mean:

Just check Blizzard Public Image.

Tuesday probably, Mercy improved but maybe not fully fixed, Moira rework, Sym changes…dunno what else

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Sadly they never said Sym buffs.

Or what are numbers to Dev’s Credit Card are.

I am sure one or the other might appear one day.

(Playing Unfun Support for the last 3 days has maybe made me a little toxic.)

Dont expect any Sym buffs. I do expect that they will nerf Moira to the ground because she actually functions in OW2 environment, cant have that in OW2 when it comes to supports.

Honestly I don’t want to hear the word nerf again till after OW2 PvE goes live.

But sadly that’s not this universe.

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During the first beta, they came out every Thursday. So I’m gonna assume Thursday as they mentioned some difficulties with them thus far

You think they are gonna fix her passive getting nerfed to 1.5 seconds?

They’ll undo one or two sym nerfs and call it a successful rework for the next few years lol

What ends July 8? The beta ends July 18.

If you are keeping the changes you just made on moira, I want a refund. Simple as that. Whoever thought of this change needs to be fired.

They need to fire whoever came up with the changes to moira. I want a refund. OW2 is a no.

OW2 is a no if they go through with these changes to moira, the only character that actually functions well in OW2. How dumb, I’m sorry but… don’t these ideas at least get spitballed and shot around a table first? I doubt this one did.