Avoid as teammate new feature! (New Developer Update Video)


New feature:

  • Each player can select up to two other players to “Avoid as Teammate”
  • You can find the feature anywhere you can interact with that player’s BattleTag (Chat Menu, Social Menu, Hero Selection Screen, Post Game Screen)
  • Each player that is marked to be avoided, will be dropped from being avoided after seven days
  • You can manually remove “Avoid as Teammate” and can be viewed in a separate list of the social menu
  • Players who receive a lot of “Avoid as Teammate” marks will be given a warning message in the menu screens.

Other reporting/player management changes introduced:

  • Poor Teamwork report option removed
  • Griefing report option is now renamed “Gameplay Sabotage”

See Scott Mercer’s Post in the PTR Feedback forum for details:

The feature is NOW LIVE for testing the Public Test Region on PC.

I can’t believe it myself, post your comments below!

14 GB PTR download
Avoid as Teammate!

This is Incredible! Thank you Jeff!


After taking time to think about it, I am hopeful this will be a balanced solution to everyone asking for an “Avoid Player” option after the original one was removed almost two years ago. I must admit, I was not honestly expecting a feature like this to be returning after so many discussions about this.

For those needing a history lesson here is why they removed the old “Avoid this player” feature:


  • Disabled “Avoid This Player” functionality
    Note: The game UI option is still active, but will be removed in a future patch

Developer comments: The “Prefer”/“Avoid” player system was designed with the best intentions; however, it’s not currently performing in a way that we feel is healthy for the game. While the “Prefer This Player” option is more or less working as intended (and is thus still enabled), the “Avoid This Player” option has impacted the matchmaker in negative way and led to some very poor player experiences across the board. Although we like the idea of being able to say “hey, I’d prefer not to play with this person,” the implementation of the mechanic is not where it needs to be. We’re still looking at ways to iterate and improve upon features that empower players to reduce toxicity and harassment in their games; we just want to be sure these features don’t accidentally punish positive community members as a side-effect.


YESSSS!! no more going 3 rounds in a row with a thrower stack on my team!!.


It’s going to help, but the thing this says to me is that ther eis still internal discord over one tricks. Jeff thinking that maybe people will learn, is just not realistic.


i think this is the best possible way to implement a feature that this game sorely needs

my first naive impression is that i would like the see the 2 player limit raised a bit but i can see why it’s this low to avoid people abusing it


At least it is limited to only 2 people at a time. I think this will help reduce abuse.


Yeah, 2 will prevent some abuse, people will still game the system, but at least that Sym player I dont want to see again can be avoided.


Finally a good change! Not sure about the ‘two player limitation’ if I read that correctly? I think that’s a bit harsh if so.


If you allow many blocks, you can in theory craft your MMR/Team. Thats ripe for abuse.


At least it is a step in the right direction though. I will take what I can get :smiley:


I think it will be a handy tool just to make sure you can avoid a certain player for a little while. That is what we have all been asking for month now.


Exactly, and it messes with matchmaking overall causing imbalanced matches to be formed.


Although I find I get unbalanced matches quite often anyway. But yeah I welcome this change, I just hope they increase the limit a little bit, e.g. perhaps 5. But I realise this is early days and perhaps they are keeping the limit low for now until they get an idea of how well their implementation is working.


GOOD. I can finally start avoiding the people in VS AI who are afk the entire match. idc what characters people pick in that mode so long as they, you know, actually play them.


Remember this is about just trying to get away from a certain teammate you had recent trouble with, so I am not sure if more than 5 is needed.

Is that really a problem? Still report them for being deliberately inactive either way.


It’s not a huge problem, I don’t see it as often as I used to, but it’s still a thing. I definitely report them, but I also wanna avoid them since I tend to get matched with the same people more often than not in that mode.


No doubt considering that is a quiet mode in terms of player participation.


I told you this option was unnecessary!


It’s about time!

I also find it funny that Jeff is pretty much telling off-meta one-tricks to find a group to queue with because you’re not going to find matches at high elo and off-hours. :rofl: