Avoid as teammate new feature! (New Developer Update Video)


I’ve said forever that there is an internal conflict around 1 tricks, and yes, there must be people in Blizz that think off meta one tricks are leading to a negative experience.

I mean that Dev Video may as well have been one of my old posts! lol


You did to me specifically? Can you link. Sorry I post too much so I often forget older conversations.


I would not say that so much as I feel these features will have minimal impact on those players, short of the fact they will start to get frequent notifications that they are being avoid.


Better than having to queue dodge…
Now I wonder how fast the system will update the avoid list? Like does the avoided player need to go back in the queue to get their “avoid” mark?

Being if it’s instant it will really help with QP queue where you land in a game and before the leaver penalty kicks in you already have say Sombra/Hanzo/Widow/Genji. Right now if you bail and queue again right away odds are you get that same game again.

but if one could just quickly avoid one of the bad team players it would speed this process up. Being even if you just cycled past player after player on your 2 person list it’s not going to be a big deal. One is really just looking to queue dodge for one round.


Not you, the general “you” on this forum. :slight_smile:


TFW when feedback is finally being answered (:point_up: ՞ਊ ՞):point_up:


Players who used it to report ‘poor teamwork’ will just switch over to the new option I guess, unless the ‘avoid player as teammate’ limit of two is actually increased slightly.


Don’t forget that even Jeff Kaplan has said in a previous Developer Update Video that they discourage players playing a single-hero constantly, but they have said it is not a reportable offense. I think this is the correct video


Thank you so much devs.


Okay good… I was afraid I made someone mad.


This is amazing. THANK YOU!!!


If the player population at the time/elo is small enough they’ll feel the effects in full. I know if this feature was in during Competitive CTF there’s a handful of players that would have never found a game simply because MM kept pulling the same bulk of players each match for over an hour.


Oh I know, they say its not reportable, they encourage people to play more than one, etc, etc.

If they said ‘no more one tricking, get reported’ what do you think would happen on social media? :]


I should be able to avoid as many people as I want. If I list half the player pool that’s on me. Why should that matter to anyone else? It can only slow down my que time but how would that be abusing anything?

They do this silly lil baby steps this is not helping.

Let’s say you play with a team and 3-4 of them are just going rambo with no teamplay at all not worrying about the load just chasing kills. naturally you lose. I should have the right to select everyone on that team and say please not these people again.

This way I can work it down to only people who contribute to the teams success.

Wait clans or a guild system will do that without any special functions, but that is too much like right so they won’t do it.

This is a fake solution folks don’t fall for it.


Indeed. I am also curious how small regions such as the South America population will be able to handle this feature. They have enough matchmaking problems as it is.


Yes. I will avoid ALL the one-tricks!

I might try comp again after this.


This most likely…

Heh… the link broke somehow


Lets say there are 12 people around the same level, you identify the 5 worst, and those 12 queue for Ranked.

You have just crafted your team to be better than the other, since you avoided the worst players.

Thats why its at 2.


I’d like them to expand the limit just a little bit but two at the very least can allow you to avoid a one trick if you run into them.


About time, DEVs finally stepping up.