Avoid as Teammate!



Long have we waited.

http s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q4SgeC8h_A&feature=youtu.be

Up to 2
Avoided for 7 days.

Drop off the list in 7 days, and can be re-added, but you only get 2 slots.

Essentially, its how we wrote it up. :]

People who are on ‘Avoid’ for many, will get a notice when they log in.


Jeff, it wont ‘fix over time’ the people who are going to be avoided know why people dont want to play with them, and they dont care.


This is great, albeit very limited. I’m hoping they are starting with 2, and considering expanding to 5-10 if queue times are not found to be affected.

Something that really should be added is the ability to save people who you aren’t currently avoiding. I know my two slots will ALWAYS go to someone I just played with who I don’t want to play with again, since a person who I know is very likely to be requeuing right after I was with them is the most likely for me to run into again. When I first log in for the day, however, I’m probably going to want to revert to any known throwers (I friend request some so I can avoid queue when they’re in queue but most ignore my friend request). The problem is I don’t know of an easy way to keep track of them unless they give us a history or saved list of avoided players. We can’t view players’ battle IDs unless they are on our friends list, so once they drop off the social tab or are so far back it’s hard to find them, unfortunately I will probably have to wait to be matched with them again to get them back on my avoid list. At my rank this won’t likely come up more than once or twice, but could certainly be an issue in T500 where you want that Sym one trick always on there.

This brings up an interesting question though, is how DO we add them back when they drop off since they won’t be on our social tab after not seeing them in 7 days? Maybe I should wait and see if my suggestion is already implemented…

Overall I’ve been asking for this for about 2 years, so in ANY form is great. Personally I’d prefer to stick to using my friends list for permanent avoids, and would rather they give us 5-10 slots that only last 24 hours or 2 hours or whatever. In the middle ranks, the issue of incompatible teammates is much more an issue of getting the same ones 2-3 games in a row and then never seeing them again, so being able to add a person every game and have it last my gaming session would be ideal for me.


I already have the video embed and discussed up for display here: