14 GB PTR download


why is it 14 gb ???


Wow that’s pretty big, I wonder what sorts of changes are in there?


I feel like they’re preparing for a bigger update, there’s no way the changes they put up require 14GB.


wot, just now?


I’d imagine part of it is the Uprising Event. I doubt we’ll get another PTR before Uprising, also probably some engine work in there too.


That reaper buff must be massive :joy:


Maybe it’s Hanzo rework


Yeah I doubt that the 14gb is anything too interesting. Generally all this stuff is under the hood improvements.


Your guess is as good as mine.


Could we see the Mei and Reaper buffs already?


It might sound silly but it is probably the new “Avoid this Teammate” feature. Granted, the change to the game client looks small but who knows how much they have to change to get this to work. See this post for details:


unlikely its really 14gb, thats downloading the whole game, there is a bug that sometimes happens that asks for that big patches, i think sometimes it just finds out that the required files are already on your pc and quickly goes down to the true number.


Nevermind me, the patch notes are HUGE, several balance changes including visual effect changes to Moira’s abilities. Check PTR notes on the Battle.net App Launcher for details.


I think you dramatically overestimate the size of files. For example GTA 5 on launch was 55gb. It is very hard for me to believe once the engine is already put in place that a 14gb update doesn’t include a massive amount of texture, audio, and in game assets.