Ashe's GIGA shadow nerf needs attention/reverted

Imo blizzard is killing ashe with this shadow nerf not many people are acknowledging.

Craig (community manager) typed this in the latest retail patch notes under ‘bugs’':


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Ashe to gain Ultimate while B.O.B was active

If might not sound as a GIGA nerf but trust me, it is.

Blizzard is single handedly killing this character. If you’re going to imply this then you might as well do it for wrecking ball and all the other characters that can build up ult while using their ult.


especially since allowing Ashe to gain ult while bob is active was listed as a bugfix originally anyway. so which one is the bug?


It’s not a shadow nerf if it’s in the patch notes.

It’s also bringing Ashe in line with almost every other hero in the roster which is only fair, but I do agree they should do the same to Ball and Torb (and I think Tracer as well?) so that it’s uniform.


Haha ur mad that u cant absue ashe anymore?


You’re totally right, but I always see these as a ‘shadow nerf’ because not many people look at the heroes bug fixes. They only look @ the hero updates.

Or just put this under the heroes update list instead of the bug fixes list. You get the idea right?


Is that truly abusing Ashe, or is it more like abusing Bob? Poor Bob. He should unionize.


Will it kill the character? Or is it a crutch that you’ll have to learn not to abuse anymore?

She still deals absolutely great damage outside of her ultimate, it now is just the case that she doesn’t have to get to 70% afterwards rather than everyone else’s 100%.


I agree. And it seems dishonest to say that it’s a bug fix. It was originally a bug fix to make it gain ult in the first place. So, this isn’t a bug, it’s a balance change. They just don’t want to justify it because it’s entirely unnecessary.


It’s a joke nerf really! She definitely needs this reverted or some kind of compensation buff for this mess.


i play ashe quite a bit and while this sucks i have the feeling the devs wont do anything unless she really underperforms for a season or 2 heh. so yea…

lets see what happens i guess


I think it will tbh. BOB is insane in some scenarios, but I think it’s unfair that she’s the only on that gets this nerf. Imply this to ball and torb aswell.

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took them long to fix this bug
i always asdumed it was a feature

That’s just whataboutism though. Just cos the other 2 missed out doesn’t stop Ashe from deserving it.

The concept of an active ultimate gaining ult charge is the problem.

If Ashe needs tweaking after, they’ll do so. They might reduce her ultimate cost. For now, getting 30% refunded by just effectively casting B.O.B. is too great a potential advantage.


Seems to suggest, or highlight that much of Overwatch’s original designers have since abandoned ship with the release of OW2… or even perhaps during its development.

They should have communicated it better, but this is clearly an intentional nerf. I don’t see how this will kill her.


It’s compensated by the Bob aiming at her targets buff that she received not long ago. Which she didn’t even need.

Kill the hero? No and it’s difficult to take such a claim seriously. She’s still going to be one of the stronger dps options.


Anyone notice how every change no matter how big or small, is a “giga” change now?

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Yes, they should. Mei and Sym can’t gain ult charge when theirs are active. Don’t see why other characters should… Just be consistent tbh.

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Abuse? Ashe is extremely mid and the only thing that makes her remotely strong is damage boost.


It’s definitely a nerf, but not a huge one by any means. I think most Ashe mains (such as me) would agree Bob is typically the worst part of her kit. Being able to charge him up while he’s out was just a compensation.

Instead of keeping the ult charge I would rather they made Bob better somehow. Maybe they could give us a way to actually stop him manually or fix the spots where he gets caught.

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